Zimmerman’s class spreading cheer through out the community


By Joel Charron

Candace Zimmerman’s Grade 4/5 St. Bernard’s class has been rather busy over the last few weeks.

Ever since Zimmerman’s class was awarded a $500 mini grant from the Windsor-Essex Community Foundation, they have had the desire to make the world a better place by performance random acts of kindness throughout the community.

Earlier this month the students visited with the seniors at Richmond Terrace Nursing Home and treated them to baked goods made by the students’ parents.

A few weeks back, Canadian Tire donated 384 flowers to Zimmerman’s class, which were planted at St. Bernard’s. According to Zimmerman each student in the school planted a flower, however once the planting was complete, Zimmerman’s students left the flowers on the doorsteps of their neighbours.


Olivia Villa reads to a group of toddlers at the Creative Learning Centre last week.

“We left them on people’s porches to give them a nice surprise,” said Zimmerman. “We received quite a few phone calls saying thank you and tell us that it brighten their day.”

Just last week, Zimmerman’s class paid a visit to the Creative Child Learning Centre to read and deliver children’s book to the toddlers attending. The students also took the toddlers on a “tiger hunt.”

The kind acts don’t stop there.

On June 22, Zimmerman said her class will be performing a play for young children within the community and providing snacks and refreshments as well.

Zimmerman said these random acts of kindness are good for her students because it teaches them to be good to others and that they can “make a difference in the world a little bit at a time.”

“I’m hoping this sticks with them as they grow up, that way they can influence others.”

Zimmerman added that she has always thought her students were “good hearted kids” however she has noticed a positive change in all her students.

“Being nice has become automatic,” she said. “They just want to be kind to other sall the time and constantly thinking of new things we can do to help others. It has really inspired them. The goodness of their hearts is really coming out with this project.”

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