Young artists shine at reception

By Charles King

The Gibson Art Gallery is showcasing artwork from over 70 high school students in their latest exhibit “Artists of the Future.”

Paintings and sculptures filled the Gibson Art Gallery Sunday, giving art students from St. Thomas of Villanova High School and General Amherst High School the opportunity to put their creativity in the public eye.  Art gallery publicity director Bonnie Deslippe said they had a great exhibit and is looking forward to continuing the show on an annual basis.

“We already have a time slot ready for student art for next year,” said Deslippe. “Since this is our first time, we’ve learned a few things and plan to make next year even better.”

Grade 11 student Ryan Coupe and arts program head Lisa Bastein of Villanova High School stand in front of Coupe's projecting broken glass art Sunday afternoon.

Deslippe contacted Lisa Bastein, department head of the arts program at Villanova High School, through their Board Liaison in November.  Bastein said she started collecting student art shortly after.

“Student opportunity and community involvement is really important, so I love to have this opportunity for the students to showcase their work outside of the school,” said Bastein.

Shelly O’Donnell, a Grade10 student from Villanova High School said it was “cool to see all the artwork” at the gallery and liked viewing the artwork from General Amherst students.

General Amherst Grade 11 student Mary Bastein has been taking art all through high school and intends to pursue it. She said her wire art sculpture expressed a “larger than life” theme.  She was happy to put her art in the show.

“I liked the variety I saw here today, it really shows the true self of each artist,” said Mary.

Ryan Coupe, another Villanova Grade 11 student put three pieces in the exhibit. He said they were just “in my head” and was impressed with the show. Coupe intends on putting his art in again next year.

“I was definitely happy with how this turned out,” said Coupe.

The Gibson Gallery’s next exhibit will feature the works of Margaret Walschots in her show “Psanky and Palette-A Celebration of Nature.”  Psanky is a form of egg painting, which Deslippe said was perfect for the Easter season.  The exhibit will run from Mar. 31- May 1.

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  1. Mary Bastien says:

    To clarify anything, I am from Villanova. Still, everyone did really great.