Windsor Regional Hospital CEO the guest speaker at ACOC AGM


Windsor Regional Hospital president/CEO David Musyj addresses the Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce's Business Excellence Awards Feb. 21.

Windsor Regional Hospital president/CEO David Musyj addresses the Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce’s Business Excellence Awards Feb. 21.

By Ron Giofu


The Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce (ACOC) welcomed the CEO and president of Windsor Regional Hospital to its Business Excellence Awards dinner Friday night with David Musyj giving a look to the future and a glimpse at the past.

Musyj, an Amherstburg resident, outlined ongoing efforts to see a new acute care hospital be built in the Windsor region. He noted the current two campuses have an annual budget of over $471 million and fund $30 million annually out of their operating funds for new equipment annually.

Serving the patients was a theme of Musyj’s presentation, with Musyj noting their goal is to not only treat patients with the best care possible but to eliminate any potential harm they could do to patients while in hospital through falls, staff not washing hands, infections or other matters.

“Our goal is not to get the numbers down to five or four,” he said. “Our goal is zero.”

Musyj outlined the hospital’s goal to track and measure everything in an ongoing effort to keep improving. He also outlined numerous initiatives to help improve patient conditions and staff morale at Windsor Regional Hospital including the “Genius Lab” where new ideas can be developed, staff recognition awards, music and dietary programs and even the playing of “Brahms Lullaby” every time a new baby is born, something that oncology patients remarked to him about as it reminded them of the circle of life. Musyj also relayed a story of how a staff member assisted in letting a dying woman hearing her grandchild’s heartbeat only hours before she died.

Stating Windsor Regional Hospital has a patient satisfaction score of 94 per cent, he said the aim is always higher.

“We’ve got to get to 100 per cent,” said Musyj.

Operating under the theme “Compassion is our Passion,” Musyj added the goal of staff is to treat patients like family members.

“When we treat patients like loved ones, we know we got it right,” he said.

The two campuses have over 4,000 staff, 481 professional staff and a team of 650 volunteers. Musyj said they couldn’t operate without volunteers and encouraged people to get involved.

“They’re Godsends,” he said.

The future of Windsor Regional Hospital includes a men’s health program, something Musyj said will provide “one-stop shopping” for men’s health including the ability to see a number of doctors and specialists under one program. Continuing to partner with nearby U.S. hospitals is another goal, as is the goal to have the new acute care hospital.

Noting that Windsor Regional Hospital has 20 per cent semi-private or private rooms, there are concerns from patients over such things as ability to sleep among other issues. A new hospital could alleviate those concerns and Musyj outlined that many other areas of Ontario are already getting new or expanded hospitals.

“It’s about hospital infrastructure,” he said. “We’re going to be spending it on hospital infrastructure no matter what.”

For more information on a potential new hospital and what is being aimed for, Musyj encouraged the public to visit

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