Windsor Family Credit Union to open franchise in Amherstburg

By Joel Charron

Windsor Family Credit Union (WFCU) is making Amherstburg its new home.

The WFCU announced recently the opening of its newest location, at the intersection of Sandwich St. S. and Simcoe St. set for  Spring 2013. With the site cleared and ready for construction the newest addition to the WFCU should begin in late September or early October.

“Amherstburg is a thriving community which has a number of position aspects to it,” said Marty Komsa, president and CEO of WFCU. “We have been watching Amherstburg for the last 10 years and really have been inspired by the great stuff that Amherstburg has achieved.”

Komsa explained WFCU performed a thorough analysis of possible Essex County locations roughly three years ago and decided Leamington would be the first location within the county and that Amherstburg would be second.

Komsa stated the WFCU and Amherstburg is a “perfect fit.”

“The values of Amherstburg and the values of WFCU are very closely matched,” said Komsa. “Amherstburg is a caring, giving and close knit community and WFCU shares a lot of those values.

All WFCU locations offer the same financial products and services, he said, including a drive-thru ATM and a drive-up teller unit, the latter allowing people the ability to interact with a teller without getting out of their vehicles. Komsa said that is very widely accepted by all of our members.

There will also be a sit down service station, which Komsa said helps eliminate the waiting lines within the building.

Although the size of the building has not yet been finalized, Komsa said the building would be roughly around 4,000 to 5,000 square feet.

“We are still in the design phase,” he said.

Komsa also noted that WFCU would provide employment opportunities for local residents.

“We like to employ people who live in that town,” he said. “It only makes sense to do so.”

Komsa mentioned that WFCU would not only be coming to Amherstburg as a financial institution but as a “true partner in the town.”

“We come prepared to be a partner with the town,” he said. “We have started that with many sponsorships and activities within the Town of Amherstburg and we will continue that but it will be greater.”

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