Windsor Disposal wins garbage collection tender


By Karen Fallon

Mayor Wayne Hurst says the town will aim for a “seamless transition” when current garbage collection service by D.W. Crowder Trucking is taken over by Windsor Disposal which was awarded the five-year contract on Monday night.

The current service provider has performed the work for the municipality since 2000 and according to several members of council has done a great job.

However, noted councilor Robert Pillon, who made the motion to accept the lowest tender, it all comes down to economics and out of the four companies entering a tender Windsor Disposal came in the lowest at $469,519.27,  plus HST.

The bid by Windsor Disposal came in approximately $20,000 to $30,000 lower than the other three submissions.

“It is with sadness that I make that motion as everybody knows we had W.D. Crowder for years do our garbage pickup and they did a fine job,” said Pillon. “But it is coming down to strictly an economic decision on my part.”

Councilor John Sutton agreed: “All things being equal in a tender process we would like to keep the business local, but the economic realities for this particular contract dictates otherwise”

Among its list of services to the town Windsor Disposal will also pick-up yard waste twice monthly. As a result the municipal Public Works Department Yard Waste Depot will be reduced from its current twenty hours per week down to four.

Sutton says that the town has “some education to do” now yard waste will be collected via curbside pick-up.

“My sense is that people will like to put it – yard waste – by the roadside every couple of weeks, but there will always be those circumstances where you are knee deep in a project and you would like to run it down,” said Sutton, who noted that the town will be seeking public feedback as to which method they prefer.

Administration will be monitoring the volume of yard waste handled at the depot and reporting back to Council to determine its efficiency.

Councillor Carolyn Davies inquired whether the new contract could offer the opportunity to do a wet/dry separation pick-up.

According to the Kent county Solid Waste Commission website this type of recycling program is a simple way to take part in compositing and recycling efforts at home and to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill.

The program requires that residents separate their garbage into two separate categories and containers in respect to whether it is deemed wet or dry.

Whether this type of service could be offered, says Lou Zarlenga, director of engineering and infrastructure, would be up to the garbage contractor.

Under New Business Pillon’s motion to present the owners of D.W. Trucking, Bill and Patti Crowder with a plaque for their years of service was passed unanimously by council.


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