Wigs for Kids Raises Money and Hair for Cancer Patients


By Aaron Jahn

Carol’s Hair Design and a large group of kids worked together to raise money by collecting pledges and donating hair to make wigs for cancer patients.

The annual event raised just over $8,000 that will go to finding a cure for cancer.  Along with the money, the hair donated will go to making wigs for children that lose their hair during treatment to battle their disease.

One such person is Noelle Bezdan, 9, who raised $760 in pledges.  She wanted to participate because she believes it helps out a good

Hairdresser Carol Charette presents Noelle Bezdan with some of the hair she had cut off to donate to charity, Bezdan raised $760 to be donated to charity along with the hair. The Annual Wigs for Kids cancer fundraiser was held at Legion Branch 157 and was sponsored by Carol’s Hair Design, the event raised just over $8,000.


“I just really thought it was a good cause,” said Bezdan.  She raised the money with the help of her grand-father Chris and that donations came from a variety of sources.

“Strangers, mom’s work all kinds of people.  I even got money from school, we worked really hard and it all paid off.”

Her mother Melissa was on hand along with her grand-parents, and she said that she was proud of her daughter’s willingness to help others.

“I’m very proud of her, she’s always been my bleeding heart that just wants to help out everyone,” said Melissa.  “Recently one of her step-grandmothers was diagnosed with cancer and she just really wanted to help out.”

The annual event was hosted by Amherstburg Legion Branch 157 and was the finale of Legion Week.

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