Which local public officials made the “Sunshine List” for 2011?


By Joel Charron

The “Sunshine List” has been released and features 12 town employees and employees of the local school board.

Of the 12 town employees on the list, 10 of them are police officers.

Chief Tim Berthiaume heads the list with a 2011 salary of $134,062.76 with Deputy Chief Pat Palumbo right behind him, earning $124,312.76.

Next on the list is Sgt. Don Brown, who earned $111,427.79 in 2011 while Sgt. Scott Riddell made $110,937.49. Sgt. Matt Capel-Cure earned $104,774.81, followed by Acting Sgt. Melissa Taylor earning $103,473.78 and Sgt. Mike Cox making $103,185.99 in 2011.

Also on the list is Acting Sgt. Nathan Harris, pulling in $102.073.31 and Sr. Const. Paul Smith earning $100,745.57. The tenth police officer to make the list is Sr. Const. Fred Adair with a 2011 salary of $100,512.41.

The two other town employees who are named on the Sunshine List are CAO Pamela Malott, who earned a salary of $128,097.29 and director of engineering and infrastructure, Lou Zarlenga  making $108,067.44.

Several Greater Essex County District School employees also made the “Sunshine List.”

General Amherst High School principal Mary Edwards reported an income of $127,489.60 while Amherst vice principal Jon Proctor made $115,459.12.

St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School principal Pat Hickson earned $115,281.33 in 2011 while Villanova vice principals Darlene Cossarini, Amy Facchineri and Jeremy Schiller made $104,183.29, $104,183.29 and $100,614.28 respectively.

Western Secondary School principal Bob Colak earned $126,262.20 while vice principals Randy Lepp made $112,262.20 and Theresa Williams $110,229.03.

Amherstburg Public School principal Chris Mills also made the list with a reported income of $108,641.74 while vice principal Christina Alexopoulos earned $103,199.00 in 2011.

St. Bernard School principal Lee Ann Poisson earned $103,899.97 in 2011 while St. Joseph School principal Doris Baggio had a salary of $116,403.54 last year.

École St.-Jean Baptiste principal Nicole Larocque, employed by Conseil scolaire de district des écoles catholiques du Sud-Ouest, earned $107,330.32 in 2011.

St. Theresa School principal Mike Pannunzio made the list with a 2011 salary of $122,359.98 and Stella Maris principal Bridget Russo earned $116,493.46.

Malden Central Public School principal Cheryl Barber earned $119,503.20. Anderdon Public School principal Kerry Green-Duren earned $104,332.99, as she was a vice principal last year within the public board.

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