WFCU celebrates grand opening of new Amherstburg location



By Ron Giofu


Windsor Family Credit Union (WFCU) has officially celebrated its arrival in Amherstburg.

WFCU1While the newest location has been open to the public since July, the official ribbon cutting was held last Wednesday morning. Dignitaries from WFCU, the town and province were on hand to officially welcome the credit union to town.

WFCU president and CEO Marty Komsa said the Amherstburg location is the seventh retail location and fourth in the county, with locations also in LaSalle, Leamington and Tecumseh. He said WFCU currently has 626 members in Amherstburg.

“That’s pretty impressive,” he said. “We look at this as being a home to those members and new members joining WFCU.”

Komsa said “there is no other financial institution in Ontario that provides the value proposition we do” and credited his “great staff” and “unparalleled” product line for the company’s growth. He said they are confident in their expansion into Amherstburg.

“A retail location like this doesn’t happen by accident,” he said, also thanking contractors, board members and others associated with the project.

WFCU has a business model not like any other financial institution, he added, stating he has heard from competitors asking him for the secrets of their success. Komsa stated roughly 5,000 new members join WFCU overall every year.

Mayor Wayne Hurst believed the WFCU expansion into Amherstburg was an example of “big things happening when you do the little things right.

“The town of Amherstburg is moving forward and we are very proud in what we are doing and continue to do,” said Hurst. “If we want to generate new tax revenue, we have to make ourselves attractive to investors and developers.”

Hurst added he was pleased with the work of the town’s department of development and planning.

“You have to make sure building permits and site plans are done on time,” he said.

Susan Stockwell-Andrews, WFCU’s vice-president of external affairs, noted the credit union’s involvement in the community. She pointed out sponsorships in such recent events as the Sails to See Festival and the Shores of Erie International Wine Festival.

Stockwell-Andrews also pointed out two new initiatives, including a $10,000 donation to the Essex Region Conservation Foundation’s “Trail On!” campaign which aims to build a trail from Essex to Amherstburg to connect Amherstburg to the Chrysler Canada Greenway.

The second new initiative is the creation of an Amherstburg youth scholarship program. The scholarship program will focus on demonstrated commitment to community involvement and leadership within the community and will see students at local schools be eligible. WFCU will give out $5,600 to area students for the next five years.

Essex MPP Taras Natyshak also welcomed WFCU to Amherstburg, noting credit unions have a “long and proud” history in Ontario, Canada and around the world. He praised WFCU for branching out into Amherstburg.

“Thank you for investing in our community. It’s really important,” said Natyshak. “It’s great to have this for the members in Amherstburg.”

Komsa added WFCU’s marketing and community investment department “did an amazing job” in facilitating the Amherstburg expansion.

“Amherstburg, in our opinion, is a vibrant town. It has a lot of culture,” said Komsa “We wanted to be part of this great community. WFCU is excited to expand our scope of business into Amherstburg and are committed to being an involved member of the community.”

The building is roughly 5,000 square feet, which is similar to what WFCU usually builds, Komsa added. He said members enjoy the convenience of having a branch close to home.

“They love it. They think it’s fantastic,” said Komsa.

The Amherstburg expansion isn’t the last for WFCU, he added, noting locations are going up at the University of Windsor and in downtown Windsor.

“We’ll have nine by May of next year,” he said.

The true measure of success is how the membership accepts them, he continued, and “our members have accepted our business model and believe it’s a business model that works for them.”

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