Watercraft Ride for Dad set for July 22


By Joel Charron

The Watercraft Ride for Dad is coming back to Amherstburg.

The event is set for Sunday, July 22 and will be held once again at Ranta Marina.

After last year’s very successful inaugural event that saw over 40 SeaDoos and over 50 riders participated, organizer Steve Kidd is excited and confident to see the event grow this year.

“Last year was great,” said Kidd. “With the cooperating help of our sponsors we are realistically looking at doubling those numbers. If we can get up to 70-80 boats on the water, it will be very exciting.”

Kidd said there are some changes to this year’s event.

Instead of riding south, Kidd said the route will bring riders north, up to the Ambassador Bridge then back to Ranta Marina where a meal will be waiting for them, courtesy of the Ranta Marina Grill.

“We just wanted to change it up a bit,” he said.

Kidd also noted that the Amherstburg Police and the Canadian Coast Guard are once again on board to help provide safe passage along the river.

“They were such a big help to us last year,” said Kidd. “Having our local authorities around really helps puts the riders minds at ease.”

Kidd also said a few of the local SeaDoo dealers will be on hand and will display the latest SeaDoo products.

“It will be kind of like a mini boat show,” explained Kidd. “People will be able to see some of the newest SeaDoos and all the different items they will have for sale.”

Kidd said when he started the Watercraft Ride for Dad, he had hoped to attract 100 riders within the first few years, however with the event gaining momentum, Kidd could see his goal reached in the second year.

“We have potential to get close to that number,” he said. “So many people saw us do the run last year or saw the articles in the local papers. People are proactively approaching me asking to get involved.”

Kidd mentioned he is “extremely pleased” to see the public swarm to such an event. He noted that Ottawa followed suit and plans to host their own watercraft event in July.

Kidd said there are a lot of people that help make the event happened, but admits to be “driving the ship on this one is pretty exciting.”

“To get to combine a hobby that I love and a cause I really believe in, into something that really accomplishes both goals is just absolutely exciting to me,” stated Kidd.

Anyone who wishes to participate in the Watercraft Ride for Dad can register online at Ridefordad.ca or call Steven Kidd at 519-734-8599.

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