Warden, Windsor mayor to join EWSWA budget talks this week



By Ron Giofu


The Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority (EWSWA) is still without a 2017 budget but that could change this week.

Essex County Warden Tom Bain and Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkins will meet this week and try and finalize a new budget. The county rejected a proposed 2017 budget last December, one that called for a zero per cent increase. County officials believed that budget was short-sighted and would simply defer costs down the road as the landfill could not be realistically operated with a rate freeze.

A 4.11 per cent increase had been recommended but by passing it with a zero per cent increase, it meant a dip into the EWSWA’s rate stabilization reserve thus bringing it down from $13.2 million to $12.2 million. A 2018 budget had also been passed, as Windsor had the majority of members on the EWSWA board at the time.


Bain said the two CAO’s – Brian Gregg from the County of Essex and Onorio Colucci of Windsor – have been meeting to try and hash out a new budget with the results to be brought to himself and Dilkins this week.

“Should the proposal look appropriate, it will be brought back to the councils,” said Bain.

Bain believed a resolution had been reached, but noted he couldn’t go into details. He said last Wednesday night that he hadn’t seen all of the details at that point but was confident the two CAO’s ironed out a solution.

If the meeting yields a new budget, it will be a relief, the warden added.

“Unfortunately, it’s dragged on a long time,” he said.

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