Villanova welcomes prospective students at Grade 8 open house



By Ron Giofu


Grade 8 students from the area got a chance to see what St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School has to offer last week.

The Catholic high school hosted its Grade 8 open house last Thursday night with students from their feeder schools as well as other elementary schools in the area getting a chance to tour the halls and hear what programs are available.

“St. Thomas of Villanova is a school like no other,” said principal Amy Facchineri.

Facchineri touted the school’s slogan – “Excellence in Heart, Mind and Body” – and said students could look forward to being part of a friendly, welcoming school community. She said she is proud of how socially minded and active in the community the students are. About 150 students volunteered for the open house with very little effort needed to recruit them, she noted.

“The kids love the school,” she said.

Cosmetology students Sabrina Colussi and Madison Street demonstrate their skills during St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School’s recent Grade 8 open house.

Facchineri also promoted the academics at Villanova, noting that Grade 9 EQAO math scores exceeded the averages of the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board as well as other area school boards. Villanova saw pass rates of 65 per cent in the applied category and 93 per cent in the academic category.

Literacy scores were also promoted, with Villanova having an 88 per cent pass rate for first-time eligible students.

“Other boards in the area aren’t quite reaching the standards we are,” Facchineri stated.

She added: “Last year, just under 80 per cent of Grade 9 students earned honour roll status” and that graduates earned about $500,000 in scholarships.

Patti Weir, chair of Villanova’s Catholic school parent council, said there is a connection between parents, teachers and students.

“There is a place for every child in this school,” she said.

Students don’t disperse as quickly at lunch or after school, Weir added, due to its location.

“When your children come here, they are here the whole day,” she told the packed auditorium. “They spend time with each other.”

Lydia Manchurek, student council prime minister, said the students help each other as well.

“There’s so many opportunities,” said Manchurek. “You really can’t go wrong.”

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