Villanova thrashes Jr. Bulldogs 30-0 in season opener

By Joel Charron

General Amherst Junior football head coach Dave Scott wasn’t kidding when he said his squad was inexperienced.

Their inexperience was front and center as the Jr. Bulldogs fell to the Villanova Wildcats in the season home opener Wednesday afternoon at Centennial Park.

“We have a lot of learning to do,” said Scott. “We have a lot of starters that never played football before and it showed today.”

Amherst started roughly 10  Grade 9’s on offense and defensive and often times looked confused on both sides of the ball.

Villanova scored on their first offensive drive of the game on a 13-yard touchdown run

Reilly Paquette fights for a few extra yards while dragging a Villanova defender.

and converted the extra point for a 7-0 lead. Villanova added to their lead on a 42-yard touchdown run, however the Bulldogs blocked the point after attempt, which kept the score at 13-0 at the end of first quarter.

Amherst caught a break in the beginning of the second frame when the Wildcats 100-yard touchdown run was negated because of a holding penalty.

A few plays later the Bulldogs Zack Sinasac snagged an under thrown Villanova pass giving the Bulldog good field position.

Amherst moved the ball rather easily down the field but was stopped in their tracks inside the zed zone.

The second half wasn’t much brighter for the Bulldogs as communication between player and coach became seemly difficult. On more than one occasion, the Bulldogs played with 11 men on the field instead of 12.

Villanova used the mental lapse to their advantage scoring from a 13-yard run, 47-yard touchdown pass and 21-yard field goal for a 30-0 lead.

Amherst had a chance to put points on the board after blocking a punt, putting them deep in Wildcat territory and driving the ball to the two yard line before getting shut down on third and goal in the dying minutes of the game.

According to quarterback, Eric Parker the collapse of the running game can be attributed to poor blocking.

“We really need to start blocking. Almost every play we ran, there was almost no blocking at all,” he said. “Our backs got punished this game.”

Parker also said he believes that the Jr. Bulldogs have a good offensive line and a great backfield, however the team wasn’t prepared to play against a “strong, hard hitting team.”

“As a team, we need to think more,” said Parker. “If we think and block, we are going to beat teams.”

Scott added, as the season wears on the Juniors will get better.

“It’s take going to take some time,” he said.

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