Verdi Club host 6th Annual International Women’s Day dinner


By Joel Charron

Over 200 women gathered at the Verdi Club to celebrate International Women’s Day, last Thursday evening.

This is the sixth consecutive year for the dinner and organizers were very pleased with the number of attendees.

“We’ve very pleased with the turnout,” said organizer Mary Conte. “It’s very nice to see.”

According to organizing committee chair Anna Rosso the first International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 8, 1946 in Italy. The Italian women chose the mimosa flower to symbolize their day because of it’s color, fragrant scent, it’s expensive and because it was in bloom at this time of year.


The Windsor Competitive Dance Team performs for a packed hall during the 6th Annual International Women’s Day dinner at the Verdi Club Thursday evening.

It is traditional to give the yellow mimosa flower to women as a sign of respect and solidarity. Women receive bouquets of mimosa flowers from the men in their lives, be their husbands, sons, friend or employers. Women also give the flower to each other.

Guest speaker Lydia Fiorini, executive director of the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre of Essex County, said women know they have made strides but there are other women around the world still striving to make their lives better.

Fiorini said that prior to the establishment of the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre in 1978, women who had been assaulted were thought to be “going crazy” and admitted to psychiatric wards. She said they now see 1,000 victims per year and that sexual assault is at “an epidemic level” in North America.

“Sexual assault crimes elicit a lot of fear. We don’t know who to trust,” she stated.

According to Fiorini one in six women will experience a sexual assault before the age of 18.

Florini credit the women who helped establish the centre but added there is still more work to be done.

“We need to work collectively against violence against women,” said Florini. “We must work towards a society free from violence and abuse.”

A lot of women are still suffering,” said Rosso.

A portion of the events proceeds will be donated to the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre of Essex County.


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