Uszynski urging community to get involved with Run for Heroes Marathon


By Joel Charron

The World Alzheimer’s Day Run for Heroes Marathon is just over 100 days away and organizer Chris Uszynski is urging residents to jump on the bandwagon.

The second year event is set to kick off Friday. Sept 22 and concluding with the Run for Heroes Marathon on Sun. Sept. 23.

According to Uszynski, the marathon has already attracted over 2,000 runners and that number is expected to double by race time.

“There will be an explosion over 4,000 competitors that will run in the 5k, 10k, half and full marathon,” said Uszynski.

The festivities are a little different this year, with a 5K run/walk being held on Sat. Sept. 22 starting at 10:30.

The 5K courses will begin at Fort Malden Historical Site and will stretch to the Bob-lo dock. The competitors will then make a u-turn and head back to the finish line at Fort Malden.

“It really is a amazing little course,” said Uszynski.

There will be a health expo held at the UCCU Complex starting on Friday before the race. While competitors pick up their race day kit they can also drop in on the health expo to check out the nearly 60 vendors on everything from chiropractors tips to running apparel. Uszynski added that he is looking to attract a high-end clothing line to the health expo as well.

Of course the main attraction will be the Run for Heroes Marathon on Sun. Sept. 23.

With the influx of people that weekend, Uszynski said there is an opportunity for local businesses.

“It’s all about what do we do with the people that day when we have them,” said Uszynski. “Maybe the restaurants decided they want to put on a special pasta dinner while they’re in town. That’s getting involved and embracing what we’re doing here.”

Uszynski said the preparations for the World Alzheimer’s Day Run for Heroes Marathon is coming along very smoothly, it’s the entertainment and experience aspect of the race is where Uszynski is looking for the community’s help.

“We need to understand that we have people from around the world coming to Amherstburg for an experience,” explained Uszynski. “We’re living here every day and maybe take it for granted but there is an incredible experience to be had in this town.”

Uszynski said it’s not just about Amherstburg’s waterfront or the flatness of the course.

“It’s about the hospitality, the beauty of the town, the time of year and the event itself,” he said.

Uszynski said he’s “really focused” of finding entertainment for throughout the course.

“Ideally, I would like to see every square foot of that course littered with cheering crowds on it,” he said.  “I would love to get a mariachi band or a bagpiper. I want to put as much stuff along the course as we possibly can because that is what is really memorable.”

There will be a couple of public information meetings held  June 25 and & 27, at the UCCU Complex for interested residents and businesses on how they can become involved.

“We have invited to World and we are going to give them a great show, ” said Uszynski.

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