Tying the strings on cancer

Mariah Ford (left) and Meaghan Marton dubbed their Relay for Life fundraiser ‘Bracelets for the Brave” after all the people affected by cancer.

By Joel Charron After hearing a presentation about Relay for Life during a French class, General Amherst students Mariah Ford and Meaghan Marton were so moved by it, they started their own team. “It took a little awhile but we finally got a team together by mid January,” said Ford. From now until June 17, the 11-team members of Student With A Goal (S.W.A.G) will raise money as their part to fight a disease that has affected so many Canadians. Each member must raise $100 and the team set a goal of raising $1,200. How are they going to do this? Instead of going door-to-door asking for donation Team S.W.A.G. will be selling handmade bracelets. “We wanted an effective way to grab people’s attention,” said Marton.  “It’s something different than going around and asking for pledges.” The idea came to them during a recent snow day when Ford was casually making bracelets for friends zorb balls. The two affectionately dubbed their fundraiser “Bracelets for the Brave.” “We’re calling it that because cancer survivors are very brave people and we wanted to do something for them,” said Ford. Ford said it takes her roughly an hour and a half to make one bracelet, sometimes longer, depending on the complexity of the design and how large the bracelet is. The bracelets can vary in size and colour. Ford said for each cancer cause there is a specific colour and will custom make the bracelet for whatever cancer the costumer would like to support. “When you buy a bracelet you can look down at your wrist and know you bought it for a cause and your supporting someone whose fighting for cancer,” said Marton. Marton also said that Team S.W.A.G will be setting up an event at General Amherst to help sell more bracelets as well she hope to attend community functions like Beef in the Burg to help reach their $1,200 goal. To help bracelet sales, Ford and Marton have set up a “Bracelets for the Brave” Facebook page where people can go online and learn more about their cause and order a bracelet of their choice. Plans for a website to promote their cause is currently underway. Prices for bracelets range from $1-$4.

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  1. Ed Marton says:

    Great job girls…I am very proud of you!!!