Two Bulldogs named to All-Star team

By Joel Charron
A pair of General Amherst Bulldogs are being recognized for the level of play this seniors boys basketball season.
Mitch Girard and Mike Mallender have been named to the WECSSAA all-start team. Girard was named to the first team, while Mallender was named to the second team.

Mitch Girard (standing) was named to the first team all-star and Mike Mallender to the second team all-star

“I never really thought about it (being named all-star) if it happened, it happened,” said Girard. “We both played well this season so I guess it’s good fortune.”

This is Girard’s first time being named to the all-star and Mallender’s second time on the list, last year he was named to the third team.
“The only thing you think about is winning and going out there and playing,” said Mallender. “If other coaches notice how you are playing and you get recognition for it, it’s always nice.”
Girard and Mallender were already considered leaders of the team, however now with the title of all-star over them, both know more will be expected of them.
“We did pretty well this season and surprised a lot of people. Next season we’ll have an even bigger target on our back,” said Girard.
The coaches of WECSSAA vote the all-stars, although coaches are not allowed to vote for their own players.
“Both are well deserving of being selected,” said coach Dom Silvaggio in an email. “They were committed to the team and always put out their best efforts in practices and in the games. They are a real pleasure to coach.

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