Two Amherstburg police officers promoted to sergeant


Dave Bohdal (left) and Melissa Taylor were officially promoted to sergeant last week. Chief Tim Berthiaume (right) offers congratulations. (Submitted photo)

Dave Bohdal (left) and Melissa Taylor were officially promoted to sergeant last week. Chief Tim Berthiaume (right) offers congratulations. (Submitted photo)

By Ron Giofu


Amherstburg police has two new sergeants with both officially being promoted last week.

Sgt. Melissa Taylor and Sgt. Dave Bohdal both earned the rank after a promotional competition. Chief Tim Berthiaume noted that eight officers had applied for the position and went through a process that included being evaluated on their performance, their seniority, the provincial promotional examination, an essay and a final interview by committee.

Taylor started in April 1995 while Bohdal began his career in January 1999.

“Both officers started their careers in Amherstburg,” said Berthiaume. “Both officers will be in the patrol division. They come with a lot of training and experience.”

Bohdal said it was known with the retirements that Amherstburg police had been experiencing, that positions were opening up. He said when he got the word he was successful in his bid for sergeant, it was a big moment for him.

“I’m excited. I felt good going through the process. I felt focused and I felt confident I did my best,” said Bohdal.

Stating it is a new challenge and a different role, Bohdal acknowledged there will be a learning curve but is looking forward to his new responsibilities. Hired as one of six new officers when the local police services amalgamated in 1999, the Essex native said he enjoys the feel of small town policing.

In 2003, he became the forensic identification officer and stated he enjoys working on serious cases and the aspects of policing that go along with that. His focus now is adjusting to his new role and the new responsibilities he has with Amherstburg police.

Taylor’s background includes her being a breathalyser technician, trained in sexual assault investigations and her most recent role as the department’s community services officer.

Berthiaume added he is excited for 2015, noting that while he is sorry to see some officers go, he is happy to bring in some new faces as well. Officers that have retired or soon will retire include Steve Ross, Ray Rosati and Jim Saxon, said Berthiaume.

“We unfortunately lost Joan Lovell, which was a devastating blow to the organization,” Berthiaume continued, “but with every ending, there is a new beginning. I think the community will be very happy with our new people.”

The promotions were made at last week’s meeting of the Amherstburg Police Services Board (APSB). APSB chair John Sutton was happy for both officers.

“As Chair of the Police Service Board, I am very proud of the men and women of our service and congratulate Sgt. Taylor and Sgt. Bohdal on their well-deserved promotion,” said Sutton “I have no doubt that they will continue to provide the effective policing that has made Amherstburg the safest community in Canada three years running.”



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