Twisted Sisters pay it forward to House of Shalom

By Jolene Perron

After contributing to their own cause, The Twisted Sisters are paying it forward by giving their business to the House of Shalom to continue on with.

The Twisted Sisters started their small book selling business after Pat McCaffrey and Carol Devon were diagnosed with Breast Cancer, which was also how they got their name as the Twisted Sisters.

The Twisted Sisters Relay for Life team handed over all their used book to the House of Shalom this past Saturday.

To support their sisters, all six girls, McCaffrey, Devon, Sandy Kennedy, Barb Deslippe, Janice Robinson and Jan Kelly, joined the Relay for Life walk and called their Relay Team the Twisted Sisters.

The Twisted Sisters got together every Saturday and ran the bookstore out of the second floor of Duby’s Flooring and Decorating Centre on Ramsay St.

“The whole top floor of their establishment was empty so they generously gave us that space to use and we’ve been doing it for about six or seven months … it‘s been good for us because as sisters we got to get together every Saturday.” said Pat McCaffrey, one of the Twisted Sisters.

The bookstore was run on donations. People would donate books to sell and book purchases were also made by donation. There was no set price on a book. After about a month of business they had all sorts of books, and now they have thousands of books.

“He’s now going to need the space, so we had to choose something to do with our books,” said McCaffrey.

After a lot of thought and “such a positive experience”, the Sisters wanted to keep the business going. Without a place to put their valuable business themselves, they gave it all to the House of Shalom.

On Saturday May 28, Holly Kirk McLean and her volunteers from the House of Shalom went to Duby’s Flooring and Decorating Centre to pick up all the books so that they could begin the business themselves.

“This is going to be great. We have lots of members who love to read books, write and are just so creative,” said Kirk-McLean.

The business will be called “Second Glance” and beginning June 18 it will be open every Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

The profits made by Second Glace will profit the House of Shalom’s activities and help to keep the cost for participating members low.

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