Twenty-two new recruits welcomed into Essex-Windsor EMS family



By Ron Giofu


Essex-Windsor EMS welcomed 22 new paramedics to their team and are set to welcome even more later in 2018.

A commencement ceremony took place last Friday afternoon at the Essex Civic Centre in which the new paramedics were officially welcomed into the fold. They were the first group of local paramedics to join Essex-Windsor EMS with 27 more expected to be hired in May.

“It’s one of the biggest recruitments Essex-Windsor EMS has ever done,” said Slawomir Pulcer, captain with Essex-Windsor EMS.

The new members of Essex-Windsor EMS gather for a group photo with senior members of the staff last Friday afternoon. A commencement ceremony was held celebrating the arrival of the 22 new recruits.

Essex-Windsor EMS Chief Bruce Krauter said the new paramedics were chosen out of 342 applicants. He said the enhancements to the service are largely due to Essex County council, who provided the increase in the budget to allow for the new recruits to be hired. Krauter added he was pleased with how the process went with the new hires bringing the total number of Essex-Windsor EMS staff to over 320 people.

The new hires are expected to allow Essex-Windsor EMS to get more ambulances on the road and to allow existing staff to take time off when they need it. The 22 new paramedics will all be part-time to start, but they could work as much as 36 hours per week.

Once the next group is hired in May, Krauter said it will result in a larger group of new paramedics than usual.

“It’s over twice as much as we usually get,” he said.

Krauter added that “we are preparing for the future” as a number of paramedics are getting close to retirement. He told the new hires that the service is a “family” and that they are there to help each other.

Deputy Chief Ryan Lemay (left) and paramedic Dave Bart (right) place the epaulletes on the shoulders of new Essex-Windsor EMS paramedic Michael Awad during a ceremony held last Friday afternoon at the Essex Civic Centre. Twenty-one other new
paramedics were also welcomed.

“We work together and support each other through thick and thin,” said Krauter.

Rob Maisonville, CAO with the County of Essex, told the new hires they should be proud of themselves, adding they are now part of the County of Essex family.

New recruits include Mitchell Adam, Khaalid Ali, Michael Awad, Adam Bardgett, Patrick Biczysko, Bart Czerniawski, Jenna Diamante, Stephanie Dummer, Christopher Dziedzic, Justin Elwgren, Suhaib Hammoud, Veronica Jarvis, Dalton Kingston, Tiffany Koniecki, Mitchell LaDouceur, Kody Lauzon, Amanda McCarton, Jessica Robson, Caullin Rundle, Ray Serifi, Dino Souilliere and Meaghan Vieira.

Candidates were required to pass a written test, complete a comprehensive paramedic practical evaluation and be successful in a qualifying interview and physical fitness evaluation.

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