Town’s recreation department presenting “Walk Across Essex County” challenge



By Ron Giofu


The town’s recreation department is encouraging people to try and stay healthy through a walking challenge issued to the community.

The “Walk Across Essex County” challenge is now open to residents and non-residents alike with draws being March 13-July 4 if certain targets are hit by walkers. Kristen Saunders, recreation program co-ordinator, said it is a “virtual walk” where people are invited to keep track of their daily steps, record them, and if they walk enough steps they can be eligible for prizes.

A group of walkers use the indoor walking track at the Libro Centre last Friday morning.

A group of walkers use the indoor walking track at the Libro Centre last Friday morning.

One kilometer is considered to be approximately 2,625 steps thus meaning 47,250 steps is the equivalent of walking to LaSalle. Walking that distance makes a person eligible for a draw. If someone takes 70,875 steps, it is equal to walking to Essex. People can work their way to 136,600 steps, which is the equivalent of walking to Lakeshore.

Participants will receive ballots in accumulations as they reach the distances set out. For instance, if a person walks 196,875 steps, that would include hitting the LaSalle, Essex and Windsor milestones so they would receive three ballots.

The town is partnering with Kelcom, the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit and Essex Powerlines on the initiative.

“For years, Amherstburg has been known as a safe community,” said Saunders. “Now we want to strive to be a healthy community.”

People can register for free at the Libro Centre or do so online at People can e-mail their progress from their fitness tracker (i.e. a “Fit Bit” or app on their smart phone) or they can sign out a pedometer for use at the Libro Centre.

“You track your steps throughout the day, send it in and we keep a tally,” said Saunders. “The longer you stick with it, the better the prizes.”

Walking Challenge2

People can register through June 30 and Saunders noted that it requires no extra walking if people are already active and walking 6,000-10,000 steps per day. If this challenge is a success, the recreation department hopes to do others.

For further information, visit the guest services desk at the Libro Centre, call 519-736-5712, visit or e-mail

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