Town unveils schedule of financial reports to be brought to council


By Ron Giofu


The Town of Amherstburg has revealed a schedule of reports that will go before council to deal with the financial situation.

In a press release issued by the town, it states the municipality “continues to move forward to address financial challenges and improve accountability to council and taxpayers.”

The first report due before town council is the 2012 financial statements, which will be presented at the Aug. 12 meeting by the external auditors. The town states that upon council’s adoption of the 2012 financial statements, administration will secure financing for completed capital projects.

A pair of reports are due for a special council meeting called for Aug. 26. A report to council on the town’s cumulative 2011-12 operating deficit with recommendations to address that issue is planned for that meeting. Another report is due Aug. 26 and that will be a 2013 mid-year report on financial performance and year-end projections.

Two reports are scheduled to appear before town council at the Sept. 3 regular council meeting. The first report will be a report to council on financing for completed and unfunded capital projects while the second report will be an update on the town’s financial performance to the end of July 2013.

At the Sept. 16 council meeting, administration plans to present council a report, with recommendations, on the Texas Road reconstruction project.

Two more reports are scheduled to come before council Oct. 7. A report to council on the status and implementation of the 2013 capital budget will be the subject of one report while the second report will be an update on the town’s performance to the end of August 2013.

A presentation to council is planned for the Oct. 21 town council meeting on a multi-year financial strategy for the town while a recommendation to council on a financial and budgetary control policy is also planned for that evening’s meeting.

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