Town reports that Texas Road project nearly $600,000 under budget



By Ron Giofu


The final numbers are in and the town is reporting a positive variance in terms of actual cost versus the estimates.

According to a report from manager of engineering Todd Hewitt, the original project estimate for the Texas Road project was $5,726,509 with the estimated final cost being $5,126,515. That leaves a final variance of $599,994, which director of corporate services/treasurer Justin Rousseau said will be used to reduce future long-term debt.

Texas Road1

“The public works department used innovative thinking and was able to work together with the contractor and the consultant to achieve significant cost savings for the construction of Texas Road without sacrificing construction quality. The main savings was achieved by pulverizing the asphalt roadway and granular base and reusing the material for the widened road surface,” Hewitt’s report stated. “This change achieved significant cost savings without affecting the projected lifecycle for the asphalt surface.”

That strategy enabled the town to reduce the overall costs and “therefore reduce the amount of debenture debt that is required to finance the project by $346,528.”

Construction on the Texas Road project began in August 2015 with work continuing throughout the rest of that year and into the summer of 2016 with landscaping and sod placed in August 2016.

“The main work on Texas Road is now complete,” Hewitt stated in his report. “There are a number of small deficiencies to be resolved but they are minor in nature.”

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