Town orders another $146,000 in LED light fixtures



By Ron Giofu


Due to a shortfall in LED lights, the Town of Amherstburg has ordered 210 more in order to complete the project.

Town council authorized the purchase and installation of 210 more fixtures to complete the LED light conversion project “in an amount not to exceed $145,800 plus HST.” The town states the total contract value is not to exceed $1,332,556 plus HST.

The town accepted a proposal for the completion of the 2018 LED streetlight conversion program, reported manager of engineering Todd Hewitt in his report to council. The contract was awarded to Anchor Hydro Feb. 28 and the project began in April.

“Anchor Hydro has completed a field verification of the light fixtures required to complete the conversion of the Town’s streetlights to LED fixtures. Through that process it has been determined that the Town requires a further 210 cobrahead streetlights to complete the conversion, over and above the estimated 1,443 identified in for the project for a total of 1,653 fixtures.”

The Town of Amherstburg has authorized the purchase and installation of 210 more LED light fixtures at an amount not to exceed $145,800 plus HST. Pictured are the lights that are on Murray St. Many of the new LED lights have been installed but the new lights will bring the total up to 1,653 total fixtures.

Hewitt added: “Administration has reviewed the data used for the project scoping and procurement process, and have determined that the majority of the variance relates to streetlights being incorrectly listed in the Town’s Tangible Capital Asset (TCA) inventory as ‘County owned.’ It is believed the data error may have arisen because the majority of those streetlights were located along County roads. As only Town owned assets were identified for replacement, the lights marked as County owned were excluded from the TCA inventory list provided for the RFP; however it has since been determined that that the Town owns the fixtures. The balance of the discrepancy appears to have resulted from incorrect TCA inventory data captured when the asset inventory was initialized in 2008. Administration will continue to review and refine the Town’s TCA inventory and Asset Management Plan to capture complete and accurate data.”

CAO John Miceli states they are continuing to update its asset management plan and acknowledged “there are some gaps” and the town is trying to correct things in the future.

Miceli added that residents are happy with the new LED lights.

“We made the decision to add the lights and extend the scope of the contract,” Miceli said of the new 210 fixtures. Though they were ordered after the initial number of lights, installation isn’t expected to be delayed.


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