Town looking for more info on dogs, boarding kennels



By Ron Giofu


The issue of dogs and boarding kennels came up recently regarding a property owner on Concession 6 North and a councillor wants to help bring that and any future issues to a close.

Councillor Jason Lavigne has asked administration to compile a report on dogs and kennels so that the town can “have something so everyone can move forward.” He asked administration to find out what surrounding municipalities are doing with regards to kennels and dog-related issues so that Amherstburg can create something and put it on the books.

Lavigne noted the only bylaw he is aware of is one regarding setbacks.

“We have nothing on record,” he said. “It’s very difficult to make decisions when you don’t have a bylaw.”

By bringing forth bylaws and regulations from other nearby municipalities, Lavigne indicated it will help “find a spot for Amherstburg to sit.” He added that it is difficult for administration to foresee such issues, but now that it has arisen, the town can now get something in place should something similar arise in the future.

The recent issue on Concession 6 North “got a little heated” and that Amherstburg has no “in-depth policy or bylaw” regarding animals in the rural areas “whether it’s kennels or the amount of dogs you own or anything in that aspect.”

Councillor Rick Fryer said there is a difference between a kennel and a boarding kennel and that is something that has to be cleared up as part of a report.

“There’s a big clarification that needs to be brought to council,” he said.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo said the report will feature “anything and everything” with regards to dogs and kennels. He stated that it is time to find out what other municipalities are doing with regards to the issue “and how we compare.”

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