Town found not to have violated open meeting requirements at Oct. 21 session



Town hallBy Ron Giofu


The town of Amherstburg did not violate open meeting requirements when an emergency in-camera meeting was called following the Oct. 21 regular public session.

The meeting was announced during the public session that date with council going in-camera later to discuss personnel matters. The next day, it became public that the town had parted ways with three senior staff members in a organizational reshuffling.

In a letter from open meeting enforcement team legal advisor Sara Gottlieb, she wrote that the procedural requirements that were followed kept with the Municipal Act and the town’s own bylaws.

Councillor Bob Pillon pointed out the letter from Gottlieb and that her team, working from the Ombudsman’s office, did find the town did not perform an illegal act when it went in-camera that night.

Pillon called the complaint “frivolous” adding the town learned and improved a lot from prior mistakes.

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