Town enters “Pepsi Fresh” contest to help build accessible playground

By Joel Charron

The town is asking its residents for their help and all it will cost is a click of a mouse.

To add an accessibility playground to the United Communities Credit Union Complex, Debi Croucher, the head of the Amherstburg Community Foundation has entered the town in the “Pepsi Refresh” contest to win $100,000.

The town has 60 days to compile as many votes as they can in an online contest. To vote, visit the link at Registration to the site is free.

“This is an excellent opportunity for us to hopefully secure an additional $100,000 for a great cause,” said Croucher.

Croucher said that the application was submitted online on April 1 and she was notified last week that they had been approved.

Dawn Morencie sets up shop at Sobey’s to help people register for the Pepsi Refresh contest. The town has entered for the $100,000 contest for an accessible playground at the new complex.

“There is just so much potential here,” said Croucher.

The playground will invite children of all ages and abilities, including those with sensory, mobility and intellectual disabilities.  The playground could include nature-inspired rock climbers that look and feel like real rocks, which will provide young adventurers with a safe climbing experience. An accessible log slides that lead to rubberized surfacing designed for children with mobility challenges, developmental benefits including creative, sensory and natural play. “Flower Power” a durable, safe and fun giant flower that provides children with a shaded lookout spot, the bright yellow colour will shout fun and encourage a sensory experience. Also a sensory play discover wall embedded with layers of coloured tactile and reflective elements will be surrounded by auditory, visual and interactive features.

Croucher said the accessible playground has been strategically placed to go between the WFCU Fieldhouse and the Miracle League baseball diamond.

“Parents will be able to watch their children play baseball while their other children (if they have more) can play in a safe and fun environment,” Croucher explained.

Croucher added that the Amherstburg Community Foundation also plans on meeting with sponsors and donors for those wishing to help support this cause.

The spring mail-out campaign, which goes out to 7,200 households in Amherstburg has been postponed so that it may include the introduction of the Pepsi Refresh contest.

Croucher also mentioned that the town has set up a Facebook event entitled “Help Kids Play, Vote Today!”  Croucher said the Facebook event gives an opportunity for this to go “viral” in Amherstburg.

“We could really blow this out of the park,” said Croucher.

Promotion for their link has already started, on Sunday registration points were set up at Sobey’s and Canadian Tire to help people register to vote and educate residents on this project.

“We are going to promote this link everywhere,” said Croucher. “It’s important for us to come out of the gate strong and keep it going for the next 60 days.”

The playground could cost slightly more than $100,000, however the goal is to stay within the $100,000 budget. If the attempt of securing the $100,000 prize is successful, the accessible playground could be ready by fall.

Visit to vote.

“This is a great opportunity for the entire community to rally around,” said Croucher.

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  1. purdy says:

    voting for accessilbe playground for the UCCUC. go Debi