Town e-mails once again garner attention at town council


Town Logo Small-webBy Ron Giofu


The town’s e-mail system and who can read what once again was a topic of discussion around the council table.

Councillor Diane Pouget brought forth her motion she had postponed from the last meeting of December to have the intercepting and responding of e-mails stopped unless otherwise directed by town council. She and CAO Mike Phipps have disputed each other’s claims about Phipps reading e-mails sent to town council members.

“The public has a right to know the recipient is the one who receives the e-mails and responds to them,” said Pouget.

Pouget added she doesn’t believe Phipps or anyone else “should waste time answering e-mails.”

Councillor John Sutton believed the town’s internet use policy governs matters such as the one Pouget raised and preferred the town stick to that policy.

“To support a motion that isn’t proven, you are almost indicting someone,” said Sutton. “I can’t support the motion without evidence.”

Phipps indicated that if someone sent an e-mail through the town’s website, it becomes part of the town’s system. From there, he copies all council a response, something he stated he was told by council to do.

“It would really help if you people clarify things,” said Phipps.

Phipps said he does not get e-mails directly sent to council members and is merely performing the duties that he was given by the elected officials.

“All I did was follow along with what they told me to do,” said Phipps.

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