Town decides to go ahead with road maintenance


By Karen Fallon

Faced with a shortfall to resurface Cherrylawn Crescent council considered a number of options at Monday’s meeting.

Coco Paving came in with the lowest tender at $114,900. Which when coupled with the HST and engineering totals $128,925. However, as only $85,000 is currently provided for in the 2012 budget, it left a shortfall of $43,925.

According to a report by Lou Zarlenga, director of engineering and infrastructure he notes: “Upon review of funding sources from the town’s supervisor of budget services, the recommendation is to complete the proposed work as tendered and funding sources, such as surplus from other projects, will be reviewed by the end of the forth quarter.”

“I am looking at what we have in the works for the future, such as Texas Road,” said councilor John Sutton. “I would rather that we fund the total Cherrylawn project today rather than gaze into a crystal ball for surplus funds that may or may not materialize.”

Sutton says that another report in front of council that night dealt with a resurfacing tender and money allotted for Victoria Street.

“I think that Cherrylawn is in greater need of rehabilitation at this stage and if we take the money allotted to Victoria Street and put it towards Cherrylawn then we can actually complete that,” says Sutton, who noted that in this scenario the Victoria Street project would be referred to the 2013 budget deliberations.

The tender to resurface Victoria Street North from Alma St. to St. Arnaud St. once again put Coco Paving as the lowest bidder coming in at $53,450, plus HST. This combined with the engineering cost the project is tallied at $59,000.

As $45,000 was budgeted for the road, it left a shortfall of $14,740 for the project.

Once again Zarlenga recommended that council complete the proposed work and have the over-run subject to review at the end of the forth quarter.

However, several councilors expressed a concern with going over budget and questions arose whether doing partial work on both roads may be the answer.

Councillor Bart DiPasquale, was apprehensive over determining which of the two streets should be done and during the discussion noted that he believed that each of the projects should be completed.

“I think we should just stick with our plan and go with what we were going to go with,” said DiPasquale.

Todd Hewitt, roads superintendent says that both roads are in similar condition and by holding back on one doesn’t mean that the current tendered price would remain the same a couple of months down the road.

Councillor Robert Pillon says that “in a perfect world” the town would have the money available to do all of its roads.

“I think we ought to do one road…you have to live within your means,” said Pillon.

However, notes Davies, delaying one of the roads to another year will only add to the town’s backlog of roads needing maintenance.

Hewitt pointed out that Victoria Street is the truck route for Precision Plastics and also fields a lot of other such traffic. And with both roads the winter freeze and thaw cycles could do further damage to the roads.

“We now know that water is getting into the base, because the top coat is already starting to peel off and there are cracks in the base coat,” said Hewitt.

In the absence of Zarlenga at the meeting, Ivano Fregonese, supervisor of budget services, explained that the resurfacing cost would fall under a capital expenditure. Which, unlike an operating cost can be paid for over an extended period of time.

“With a capital expenditure because it has a benefit that exceeds one year, depending on the life of the asset, roads usually last 15 years, we can hold it until we can pay for it,” said Fregonese.

“If we run out of (funding) options we would debenture it over 15 years,” he continued. “It is fair to do that as the residents will have that benefit of that new road over that period of time.”

Council agreed and went with the recommendation to resurface Cherrylawn.

Under a later motion, council also agreed to proceed with the victoria Street resurfacing project.


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