Town council looking into branding Texas Road area as “Via Verdi”



By Ron Giofu


Town council has agreed with a request from the Verdi Club and will look into dubbing the Texas Road area with the secondary nickname “Via Verdi.”

While the name of the roadway will not change, the area is on course to get the “Via Verdi” designation as, under a motion put forth by Councillor Bart DiPasquale, town administration will investigate and report back to council on how to proceed with the official designation.

DiPasquale compared it to a similar designation for a street in Windsor.

“This is no different than naming Erie St. ‘Via Italia’,” said DiPasquale.

Many people already link Texas Road to the Verdi Club, he added.

“Everyone looks at it as an Italian district,” DiPasquale stated.

A three-person delegation consisting of Betty Federico, Tino Riccio and Verdi Club president Aurelio Tontodonati went before town council to make the request.

“We are asking for a re-branding,” said Federico.

Federico noted many Italians moved to Texas Road following the two World Wars.

“Texas Road, for some reason, became a large Italian settlement,” she said.

Federico said the Verdi Club was founded in 1958 and has become a “community gathering place.” The club is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, for whom the club is named, with a gala Oct. 11. Tickets for that are $100 per person.

“We are very proud of our heritage,” said Federico.

Councillor Carolyn Davies re-iterated that the street is not being re-named. She said it is more of a situation where a district is getting a designation. Davies believed such a designation for the Texas Road district would “enrich” the area, adding “it’s nice to see this very strong culture help establish the first district.”

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