Tourism numbers increasing in Amherstburg says Rota

By Ron Giofu


The War of 1812 Bicentennial had a big impact on tourism in Amherstburg, according to a report from the manager of tourism and culture.

Anne Rota reported to council there was a total of 114,144 visitors to town in 2012. That represented a 171 percent increase in visitor traffic since 2009, when 42,570 were reported to have come to Amherstburg.

Tourism numbers have been increasing each year for the last four years with 46,342 people estimated to visit Amherstburg in 2010 and 73,287 in 2011.

Rota stated overall traffic recording included the visitor information centre, the Gordon House administration office and ground level visitor centre, museums and galleries and festivals and events where attendance was recorded including the Amherstburg Fort Malden Horticultural Society Garden Tour, Art by the River, the Rotary Club’s Ribfest, the Shores of Erie International Wine Festival, the River Lights Winter Festival and all of the War of 1812 Bicentennial activities.

Town Logo Small-web“The total of 114,144 visitors does not include people who we were not able to record known as the ‘independent traveller,’” Rota stated in her report.

Using Ministry of Tourism census data, Rota estimated almost $5.1-million was spent in Amherstburg in 2012. Rota’s numbers multiplied the 114,144 overall visitors by the ministry’s census average of $13.62 per day to conclude that over $1.5-million was spent daily. According to the report, it also saw the roughly 28,000 visitors who were recorded to have spent overnight stays in town multiplied by the additional $126.32 per day average the ministry estimated is spent on overnight visits to conclude that over $3.5-million was spent by overnight visitors.

“Tourism and culture continues to consistently draw visitors to Amherstburg on an increasing basis. With the competitive marketplace that is the ‘destination tourism’ sector of the travel industry, we must always seek to improve upon our data collection and reporting.   These details will guide our efforts as well as provide real and accurate information to council,” Rota stated in her report.

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