Tories call on McGuinty to ‘release secret plan’

By Joel Charron

Essex PC candidate Dave Brister and Nepan-Carleton MPP Lisa MacLeod made a stop in Amherstburg to urge Premier Dalton McGuinty to “come clean and release his plan for higher taxes and fees” in Ontario.

Standing on the porch of Waterfront Ice Cream Parlour, Brister and MacLeod said the McGuinty government does not want the public to know of his “secret plan” to raise taxes.inflatable tent

The tax hike includes HST, hydro rate ad a carbon tax.

“The Price of admission to entering into this debate is a plan,” said MacLeod. “Dalton McGunity used to think that, but clearly he has no answers to the relief provided in changebook- the Ontario PC plan to put money back into families pockets.”

MacLeod said that the Auditor General “called the Liberals pre-election budget into question when he confirmed that  Ontario doesn’t have a revenue problem, Dalton McGuinty has a spending problem.”

Brister said in hopes that Ontario families will forget about all McGuinty’s  “broke promises, taxes and skyrocketing energy prices,” the Liberals have kept the “Tax Man” hidden.

“They don’t want to remind Ontario famlies of all Dalton McGuinty’s broken promises,” said Brister.

The Essex PC candidate accused McGuinty of not being able to afford election promises.

“Dalton McGuinty has taken money out of the pockets of Ontario families,” said Brister. “A Tim Hudak government will return money back to the pockets of families in the province.”

MacLeod said that in the federal election, roughly two-thirds of Ontarians voted Conservatives, something that excites both MacLeod and Brister. She also mentioned that the provincial party has “the best field of candidates it has had in years.”

“People are jumping off the sinking Liberal ship and turning to the Progressive Conservatives,” stated MacLeod.

“A number of people who have voted Liberal the last 35-40 years have told me they are now voting Progressive Conservative,” said Brister.

Brister said he feels quite confident that the PC’s will win the October election but stated that there is a lot of hard work that still needs to be done.

“We realize nothing worthwhile comes easy,” said Brister.

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