Too much red tape is killing small businesses says Conservatives

By Joel Charron

If elected, Essex PC candidate Dave Brister says that the Torres will cut the bureaucratic red tape.

Brister, joined by Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett held press conferences in Navy Yard Park in Amherstburg and in Kingsville, pledged an Ontario PC government would abolish “job killing red tape.”

The reduction in red tape was a focal point that was announced by party leader Tim Hudak during the Conservatives “Small Business Bill of Rights” a few weeks back.

According to Barrett, currently there are roughly 500,000 regulations that small businesses, municipalities and non-profit organization must act in

Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett (left) speaks about the PC pledge to cut red tape for small business and farmers Wednesday, July 27. Barrett and Essex PC candidate Dave Brister (right) made stops in Amherstburg and Kingsville.

accordance with.

“The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has said that red tape costs the Ontario economy $11 billion a year,” said Barrett.

Barrett added that such red tape limits farmers.

“Farmers who raise chickens have to have the inside of their barns painted a certain color as well as the inside of the truck eggs are taken away in,” he said. “Unnecessary regulations will be targeted for elimination by a Progressive Conservative government.”

Brister stated if elected, the PC’s look to eliminate 30 per cent in red tape of four years, a target that Brister believes is achievable.

He also noted that British Columbia saw red tape reduced by 42 per cent and Barrett pointed out that Quebec and Nova Scotia saw 20 per cent and Newfoundland 25 per cent in regulation reduction.

“We feel it’s not out-of-bounds to seek 30 per cent over four years,” said Barrett.

Barrett also added that a minister would be overseeing the reductions, however if their goals are not reached the cabinet and the premier will face pay cuts.

Brister said the elimination of 30 percent of red tape would help small businesses create jobs. He noted that the reduction in red tape is key to the economy because “it puts money back into peoples pockets.”

“500,000 regulations are too much to deal with for the average business,” said Brister.

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