Tier II Jr. A franchise no longer seeking home dates for 2013-14 hockey season


By Ron Giofu


The Tier II Jr. A hockey team that was originally slated to come to Amherstburg won’t be doing so in the 2013-14 season.

The franchise has chosen to forgo seeking home dates for a schedule at the UCCU Complex for next season, something director of recreation and culture Dean Collver said was initially “caught off guard” by.

In his report to council, Collver said insurance matters got in the way of the team’s coming to Amherstburg for 2013-14.

“Logistical issues of acquiring insurance that spans the border to cover the needs and activities of a team that would have essentially dual residency were cited as the major cause of this decision,” Collver stated.

Councillor Carolyn Davies asked if there was a chance the team could come to town the following season and Collver said the door is open “but it’d be a whole new process.”

His written report added that “future potential has been left available however the prospective partner has been informed that this will require new information being brought before council.”

Collver stated there are no cost implications to the town but noted the additional ice revenues forecasted for the Tier II Jr. A franchise were factored into the town’s 2013 operating budget.

“Administration is committed to covering this revenue adjustment with no required changes to the forecasted 2013 budget plan,” Collver stated.

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