Three WWII veterans celebrate 90th birthday


By Emily Lukas

Three World War Two veterans celebrated their 90th birthdays together at the Royal Canadian Legion in Amherstburg on Saturday, March 31.

Doug Ramsay, Fritz Renaud and John White brought tears of joy to many people’s eyes as the three of them stood on stage singing and marching on the spot while bag pipes were played for them.

“This is special,” said Renaud. “I never expected this.”

Amherstburg mayor, Wayne Hurst, presented a speech in recognition of the three veterans. In his speech he made sure the men knew how much everyone appreciated and respect what they’ve done for the country and community.

John White, left, Fritz Renaud, centre, and Doug Ramsay, right, stand together at the Royal Canadian legion as they celebrate their 90th bitrhdays in Amherstburg on Saturday, March 31.

“Amherstburg is a better community because of these individuals,” said Mayor Hurst.

Speeches and plaques were also given by other representatives in the community.

Following speeches, veteran John White, presented two poems he had written. The first was titled “Three Musketeers”, which told a story about the three veterans, their lives and their friendships. The second was titled, “In My Memory.”

Along with speeches and plaques the veterans were each given their own birthday cakes and candles to blow out.

“This was great,” said White.

Not only did the veterans enjoy this celebration, friends and family, members did as well.

Janet Ramsay, daughter-in-law of Ramsay said she was so proud of him.

“These things always have so much pride and emotion at the same time,” said Janet, commenting on the celebration.

“I really appreciate this,” said Ramsay.

Ramsay served with the Essex Scottish from Sept. 5, 1939 until June 27, 1945. He served in Canada, England and France. Ramsay celebrated his birthday on March 15.

Renaud served with the R.C.A.S.A from Aug. 28, 1942 until March 22, 1946. He served in Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. He will be celebrating his birthday on May 24.

White served with the 23rd Canadian Med Artillery Unit from June 21, 1940 until Nov. 15, 1945. He served in North West Europe. He will be celebrating his birthday on Sept., 13.

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