Three General Amherst business leadership teams do well at competition



By Ron Giofu


Three business leadership teams from General Amherst High School returned from a competition all having done well.

The teams, comprised of eight students overall, were part of teacher Bryanne Morphet’s business leadership class. Morphet said they participated in a ten-week program with the University of Windsor known as Youthrive, with the competition being the Youthrive YouthX competition.

“During that ten-week time, students had to create a company, create a product, develop that product, do all the research and sell that product,” explained Morphet.

The competition, held at the University of Windsor’s Odette School of Business, saw the “Fortitude” team take the win. That company, comprised of Miya Taylor and Angel Espin, creates apparel to support those with cancer.

The “Leilani Skincare” team of Danijela Dobrich and Dakota Wilson created all natural skin care products such as body butter and body oils, said Morphet. They came in third place.

Students from General Amherst High School did well at the Youthrive YouthX competition. (Submitted photo)

Students from General Amherst High School did well at the Youthrive YouthX competition. (Submitted photo)

Also making the final round was the “Puzzle” clothing company, made up of Brett Vandermuren, Kyle Drouillard, Mitch Wright and Jeremy Cota. Morphet said that 100 per cent of their profits went towards autism awareness.

Proceeds were generated through sales of the products at school, to family and friends and at marketing day at the university.

“It was such a great vibe the other day,” commented Taylor.

A lot of people know of someone diagnosed with cancer, she added, thus the reason for the “Fortitude” company and its proceeds.

Wilson said Youthrive helped them gain experience.

“We learned a lot about how to run a business,” she said.

Cota said they learned about autism through a mentor, who has a family member afflicted with the condition. Wright added that it is a good cause and he was glad to be able to be involved.

Morphet stated she was proud of the class for going through the ten-week program and for the achievements they earned along the way.

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