Thousands line the streets for Santa Claus Parade

By Joel Charron

The festive spirit was in high gear on the weekend, when a large crowd of people gathered for the town’s annual Santa Claus Parade.

Young and old lined Sandwich and Richmond streets in order to watch over 60 entries in the largest parade to date.

Seasonal cheer abounded and wishes of a “Merry Christmas” to those on the various floats were echoed, as they passed by the onlookers.

The Parade seemed to have a little something for everyone; dancing elves, animals dressed in costume, people handing out candy, marching bands, a man on stilts juggling, a school bus decorated as Rudolph and of course, the man of the moment – Santa.

“This is just great,” said Mayor Wayne Hurst as he walked along side John Sutton waving to the crowd along Richmond Street. “This is the best parade in the region because this is the best town in the region. This town works very hard to put an event on so people can come out and enjoy. With all the people here with their children, you can really tell this is a family event.”

Hurst gave praise to all the participants who put in the time and effort in decorating a float for the parade.

“Every year it’s getting better,” said Hurst. “We thank all those who worked so hard in this community.”

People spoke about how well the floats were decorated.

“You can really tell a lot about the organizations by the time they put into making their floats,” said Bob Jacobson. “It just shows you how much these people really care about our community and how much they want to share the Christmas spirit.”

Along with hundreds of Amherstburg residents, visitors as far as Toronto came to witness the Santa Claus Parade.

“This was a great example of a town coming together to celebrate the holidays,” said Candace Norton, who was visiting family with her husband, Tyler. “While I live in Toronto now, I look forward to coming home and spending time with friend and family and the parade was the perfect way to kick off the holiday season.”

Norton noted that the Detroit marching bands were amongst her favorite.

“Those bands were amazing,” she said.

The biggest cheer of the night came when the children spied Santa, as he rode high above the crowd, shouting “Ho, Ho, Ho” and “A Merry Christmas” to all the youngsters in the crowd.

“Amherstburg sure knows how to welcome the Christmas holiday,” said Megan Foster. “



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