The Mexican Grill coming to Amherstburg

By Joel Charron

It’s official The Mexican Grill is coming to Amherstburg.

For the better part of three years, Amherstburg resident Roberto Garcia along with his partners have been trying to bring their brand of Mexican food to the community, now the wait is over.

“We’re very excited to be coming to the community,” said Garcia. This will be The Mexican Grill’s third location, as it has locations in downtown Windsor (63 Pitt St.) and Tecumseh (1404 Tecumseh rd. E.) and now 61 Richmond St (formerly Uncle Vitos.)

Although Garcia said he is excited to open their third restaurant in Amherstburg, he admits there is still some nervous energy.

“I don’t know how Amherstburg will react to a Mexican restaurant,” explained Garcia.

Garcia said Amherstburg has a wonderful selection of tasty eatery’s such as Riccardo’s and Lord Amherst, however he feels the community is missing a little spice.

“We’re not looking to take business away from anyone, we want to enhance the culinary selection in Amherstburg,” Garcia said.

What makes The Mexican Grill so unique?

Well, if you ask Garcia, it’s a number of things.

First, it’s the team that makes up The Mexican Grill. Rene Vailloneourt (purchasing manager) Marion Leavitt (service manager) Joan Leavitt (General manager of all three locations) and Daryl Wilson (business manager) all work together to ensure The Mexican Grill runs like a well oiled machine. And it should Garcia is married to Joan and Vaillaneourt his married to her sister Marion, which gives The Mexican Grill a family oriented feel, even Garcia’s son Karlos works as a kitchen manager in the Pitt St. location.

“I couldn’t have asked for better partners,” boasts Garcia. “I trust these people with my life and we all understand how we want to run things.”

Second, it’s the food. Garcia is quick to point out, although The Mexican Grill serves Mexican food, it’s not authentic but rather Southwestern Mexican.

“It’s a fusion of US and Mexico,” he explained. “I know authentic Mexican food. If that’s want you want, I’ll send you to my grandmother and she’ll cook it for you, but trust me you won’t like it.”

Garcia said authentic Mexican food used ingredients such as pig snout and brains, something he said if he used, the tables would be bare.

Garcia also mentioned only the best and freshest ingredient go into each dish. While other Mexican restaurants use the cheap meats that are tenderized, Garcia said they only use the best cuts of meat in all their dishes.

“If you want a steak fajita, you’re going to be eating a New York Strip in that fajita,” he said.

Vailloneurt added that all the produce and meats are bought local.

“Why purchase everything out of town when you can get fresh, tasty ingredients in town,” he said.

The Mexican Grill features everything from Enchiladas to Quesadilla and taco to Burritos.

You can choose from 16 different burritos including the Rey Mysterio burrito, which has steak, guacamole, pico de gallo, three cheeses, chipotle mayo and French fries.

“When people see it has fries, they say ‘are you crazy’ but it’s our best seller,” joked Garcia.

They even boast a five-pound burrito called the El Matador that is worthy of a Man vs. Food challenge.

According to Garcia, what sets him apart from other Mexican restaurants is the fact that all the dishes are made to order, right down to the guacamole.

“We make everything from scratch,” he said. “It may take a little longer than the average restaurant, but it’s worth the wait. Everything is made fresh, nothing is frozen or pre-packaged.”

He also mentioned the cook will cook to the customers liking, so you don’t have to worry about how spicy the dish will be.

Garcia is hoping to be open by December 1 but said if they can open sooner they plan to.

“All of us are just really excited to offer Amherstburg something they never have had before,” Garcia said.

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