Texas Road restoration recommendation officially sent to 2013 budget talks


By Ron Giofu

Town council committed to reconstructing Texas Road during 2012 budget deliberations with the exact details of the project to take shape in this year’s budget sessions.

Texas Road restorations, and the $6 million option recommended by director of infrastructure and engineering Lou Zarlenga, were referred to Thursday’s budget deliberations at Monday night’s regular meeting of council. The stretch in question is the 2,560 meter stretch between Front Road North and Concession 2 North.

Zarlenga provided eight options for council’s consideration ranging in price from $2.63 million to $6.55 million. The $6 million option, according to Zarlenga, best addresses the motion council passed Feb. 9, 2012 calling for storm sewers, lights, sidewalks and curbs in addition to a new road surface.

The less expensive options “would provide for improvements that reflect the existing level of surface,” Zarlenga stated in his report to council. He added enclosing the south open ditch is “a major expenditure” that is required if town council wants curbs and gutters on that roadway.

Town Logo Small-web Town council also committed to hosting a public meeting in its 2012 motion and some members of council questioned Monday night when the meeting should be held.

“We did promise a public meeting,” pointed out Councillor Bob Pillon.

Zarlenga stated standard practise is the town deciding on which option it prefers and what scope of work is being proposed before going to the public.

“Typically, that’s been the procedure on large jobs in the past,” said Zarlenga.

Councillor Diane Pouget believed holding the public meeting prior to discussing it at budget time would be preferable. She said getting the public’s feedback on exactly what is wanted in terms of amenities, financing and construction ramifications would better assist council in making the final decision.

“If we had that information, it makes it easier for council to make a decision on what residents want,” said Pouget.

Mayor Wayne Hurst said council made a point last year to “finally” do Texas Road and to complete the project over two years. He stated council should know what residents want based on requests made over the years, adding while “there’s nothing wrong with a public meeting” it should be held “when council decides what it wants to do.”

Under a two-year construction period, Zarlenga said Texas Road reconstruction would first occur this year in the stretch between Front Road North to just east of Knobb Hill Drive. The remainder would be completed in “early summer of 2014.”

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