Texas Road cross-section approved and sent to public open house


By Ron Giofu


Town council likes what they see, now it’s the public’s turn for input.

Council approved the cross-section look at the Texas Road project Monday night and the matter will be forwarded to a public open house, scheduled for May 7.

The $6-million road reconstruction project, to be divided over this year and next year, calls for new curbs and gutters, fresh pavement, a 2.7 metre concrete path on the north side of the road, a 1.5 metre concrete sidewalk on the south side of the road, decorative lighting and a 1.5 meter bike lane along the southern edge of the paved portion.

“We did receive strict instructions from council on what they wanted to see,” said

Dave Archer, consulting engineer with R.C. Spencer Associates.

“I am so happy to see bike lanes,” stated Councillor Carolyn Davies.

Davies raised concerns over a lack of on-street parking.

Town Logo Small-webMayor Wayne Hurst explained that Texas Road is considered a “connector,” adding that “there’s no parking there now.

“I think we’d like to see a lot of things but there are reasons for not having that,” he added.

Councillor John Sutton asked whether the project timelines could still be met if residents request changes at the open house.

“We anticipate revisions,” said Archer.

Councillor Diane Pouget said the parks committee was interested in improving the entrance to Texas Road. Archer stated a concrete boulevard was considered at Front Road North and in the Knobb Hill area but while buses could be accommodated, it would be too tight for trucks and cause trucks to run the boulevard over.

Current timelines call for tenders to be available May 27 with the closing date being June 11. A report from director of infrastructure and engineering Lou Zarlenga recommending the successful bidder is slated for June 24.

If everything goes according to plan, construction would begin the week of July 2.

The stretch of Texas Road between Front Road North and Knobb Hill Dr. is due to be complete this year with 2014 work seeing the project completed and extended to Thomas Road.

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