Teen’s birthday nets gifts for others

By Aaron Jahn

Sara Giles, a grade 9 student at General Amherst, wanted something different for her birthday this year, toys for other kids.

Giles decided this year she didn’t want any presents from her friends, but unwrapped toys to be donated to Sparky’s Toy Drive for children who may not have received a gift under their tree this year otherwise.  She says that her parents gave her the drive to want to give back to her community.

“My parents were really excited that I was giving back to the community,” said Giles.  “I’m 14 now and have everything I need and things like an iPod and all of that.  So instead of just sitting around with my friends this year, I decided to give back to my community.”


Sara Giles’ birthday wish this year was to donate to Sparky’s Toy Drive.

Giles says that a big reason she wanted to participate in the toy drive, was from her own experience living in a home that fosters children, something her parents started when she was six and continue to do to this day.

“Knowing that there are a lot of kids out there in foster care and other places and many of them won’t get much, I wanted to help as much as I could,” said Giles.

Giles said her friends were surprised at her request, but jumped in with both feet and some even made sure to give her a small gift on top of the toys they brought.

“They were surprised when I told them what I would like from them this year, but they were bringing toys more expensive than twenty dollars and some brought two,” said Giles.  “We got 9 toys from my friends and the ones I had already, we were able to donate 12 to Sparky this year.”

Giles next project is her role on student council, preparing for their big Christmas production.


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