Tall ship “Liana’s Ransom” makes surprise visit to Amherstburg



By Ron Giofu


Amherstburg will be getting a pair of tall ships Labour Day weekend as part of the Coastal Trail’s Sails to See Festival but received a surprise visit from one this past weekend.

Tall Ship h Tall Ship vThe tall ship “Liana’s Ransom” made a surprise visit to Amherstburg last Thursday afternoon and stayed through the weekend. The tall ship and its five-person crew had been in Cleveland the previous weekend and had an open weekend before heading to Kingsville for an event July 19-21.

Joe Tilley, the captain of “Liana’s Ransom,” said he was in contact with the Provincial Marine re-enactment group and the stop in Amherstburg was arranged.

“I got in touch with them. They were keen on going for a sail and we were happy to have them,” said Tilley.

Tilley said “Liana’s Ransom” is part of the Tall Ships Great Lakes Challenge in 2013. It will return to the region as part of the Sails to See Festival Aug. 30-Sept. 2 but be stationed at Pelee Island.

The Lynx and the Friends Goodwill will be the two tall ships that will be docked off of the King’s Navy Yard Park that weekend.

Tilley and his crew were impressed with what they saw as they sailed up to the barge just off of the south end of Navy Yard Park.

“It’s beautiful,” said Tilley.

Jen Ibrahim, visitor information centre manager, said “Liana’s Ransom” is a “very active” tall ship, adding that will be the vessel taking people out to watch the Battle of Lake Erie re-enactment during the Sails to See Festival.

The recently launched “Stowaway 1812” wine label, which is a collaboration of six area wineries, will also be on board the ship as it tours during the Great Lakes Challenge. A barrel of wine will be placed on board the tall ship.

“Liana’s Ransom” had some repair work done while in Amherstburg, as it suffered slight damage when it got caught in a squall when departing Cleveland.

Ibrahim said the visit may have been a surprise but the surprise was a pleasant one.

“It was definitely unexpected but we are welcoming them,” said Ibrahim. “It’s a great prelude to our tall ship festival.”

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