Tom Bateman

Two culvert replacements to occur in rural Amherstburg



By Ron Giofu


A pair of culvert replacements will be taking place in Amherstburg.

The County of Essex will be replacing a concrete box culvert on County Road 20 over the Concession 7 South drain this summer. Director of Infrastructure Services/County Engineer Tom Bateman said the other will be in Kingsville, specifically on County Road 27 over the Cottam Outlet Drain.

“Both of them are full replacements of existing box culverts,” said Bateman.

The roads will have to be closed when the work is going on, he added. Both projects are anticipated to take three weeks.

The County Road 20 project in Amherstburg was awarded to Southshore Contracting Inc. for a total tender amount of $397,325 plus HST. The engineer’s estimate was $490,000.

Southshore Contracting Inc. also received the Kingsville project, with that being slightly over budget. The tender amount was $467,888 plus HST with the engineer’s estimate being $420,000.

“We can accommodate the variances within our overall program,” said Bateman.

A map, provided by the Town of Amherstburg, shows where the culvert replacement will be taking place on Howard Ave. starting July 3.

The town will be undertaking a culvert replacement on Howard Ave. early next month. The town advises that, starting July 3, a culvert just south of County Road 18 will be replaced with the construction period lasting an estimated four weeks, weather permitting.

The town advises that no traffic will be permitted through the construction zone. Howard Ave. will remain open to local traffic only up to the road closure for northbound motorists, but will not be permitted through the construction zone.

The Town of Amherstburg reminds residents that during construction traffic disruptions will occur and some delays may be experienced. Please slow down, obey all traffic signage, and follow all posted detour routes.

Shane McVitty, drainage superintendent and engineering co-ordinator with the Town of Amherstburg, said the culvert is part of the 8th Concession Road Drain South with the actual culvert work – approximately $180,000 – being paid for by the county. He said the town is undertaking about $492,000 worth of work on the drain and the culvert is at the bottom portion of the drain.

Those costs include engineering work, McVitty added.

Essex County council approves early release of $5.7 million worth of road projects



By Ron Giofu


Essex County council has approved the early release of $5.7 million worth of road projects, four of which will impact Amherstburg.

The remainder of the $11.2 million worth of road projects will be debated during next month’s budget deliberations.

Director of transportation services/county engineer Tom Bateman said the practice of releasing funds early has been one that has worked out well for the county.

“We’ve met with excellent success over the years,” Bateman told county council, “and we’re looking for similar success in 2018.”

In his report to county council, Bateman noted “an increase from 2017 in the expenditure level of the overall rehabilitation program in the amount of $579,200 has been included for 2018 providing a total funding of $11,221,400.” The increased funding is supported through a $320,000 annual incremental increase, a $156,280 Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) increase and a gas tax agreement of $102,920.

The four projects planned for Amherstburg, all designated for early release, include structural deterioration rehabilitation for the Canard River bridge on County Road 20, a culvert replacement on County Road 20 at Concession 7 South, pavement rehabilitation on County Road 8 between Howard Ave. and Walker Road and pavement rehabilitation on County Road 18 between Concession 6 South and Howard Ave. The latter project will also include paved shoulders, which is also part of the County-Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS) plan.

County Road 18 between Concession 6 South and Howard Ave. is scheduled to be repaved, including paved shoulders, in 2018.

The estimates on those projects are $190,000, $675,000, $500,000 and $510,000 respectively.

Leamington Mayor John Paterson questioned the 25-year capital expansion plan, which he said sees only nine per cent of $322 million in roadwork proposed for Leamington, Kingsville, Essex and Amherstburg. According to Paterson, 91 per cent of it is planned for Tecumseh, LaSalle and Lakeshore.

“It certainly doesn’t seem very equitable across the county,” said Paterson. “I’m not looking for answers tonight. I just want to bring it up because I think it’s important.”

Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara indicated the issue dates back to when a portion of what is now Tecumseh was given over to Windsor. McNamara said Tecumseh has been “very patient” as it awaits resolution to some of its roadway issues.

“The amount of traffic that goes through our community is very high,” said McNamara. “Obviously you’ve got to take a bus tour to the north end of the county to see how traffic really moves.”

Bateman said there are capacity issues in the northern part of the county, stating there isn’t the same level of capacity issues in the southern portions of Essex County that need addressing.

As it relates to the capacity expansion program, Bateman wrote in his report: “County Council has adopted a financial forecasting tool to address the roadway expansion requirements as identified in the Essex Windsor Regional Transportation Master Plan, updated for inflationary considerations, along with estimates, based on recent reports, for the expansion costs of selected high volume highways. The model is premised on 1.5 per cent levy increases through 2018 to accommodate the approximate $400 million of infrastructure. In 2012, the financial model was amended to identify and prioritize expansion requirements exclusive of senior government funding and grade separations. In order to accommodate 100 per cent municipal funding, the schedule has been elongated to 2040 to manage the financial burden within reasonable limits of the county levy.”


Construction of salt storage facility within new West End Depot approved



By Jolene Perron


A new salt storage facility will be the most recent addition to the West End Depot development, coming in nearly $13,000 under budget.

“We have been redeveloping a West End Depot, we did complete the main building, site mark and the roadway improvements to support this development this year,” director of transportation services/county engineer Tom Bateman told Essex County council. “We assumed possession of the building in mid-June and we’ve been commissioning it and operating out of there at present for some road maintenance. The next component of the project is to construct a salt storage facility.”

Completed main building photographs from the administrative report for the West End Depot Development, as seen in the September 6 County Council meeting agenda.
(Special to the RTT)

Bateman explained, the structure they are contracting out to build on the West End Depot lot, located on North Side Road just east of Howard Ave. in Amherstburg, measures 80-feet by 120-feet. It will be a fabric covered done built on a reinforced concrete wall system, which is similar to what they have at their other depots. It will allow storage for 5,000 tonnes of salt.

“We issued a design-build proposal call utilizing an electronic tendering system,” said Bateman. “We reviewed the tenders and proposals for the clients with specifications and requirements in those proposals and we’re recommending that the tendered design of the salt storage facility in the West End Depot be awarded to Barineti Construction at $362,000 plus HST.”

The most expensive estimate for the project was $461,058.03.

Bateman’s proposal to move forward with Barineti Construction’s estimate was carried.

Funding for this project is included in the 2017 Transportation Services

Department budget.

County approves tender for series of road projects, including some in Amherstburg



By Ron Giofu


Tenders for a series of road projects have been approved by Essex County council.

Director of transportation services/county engineer Tom Bateman confirmed that county council approved a $2.2 million tender – plus HST – from Coco Paving for six road projects. Two of the projects are in Amherstburg with one being County Road 8 between Howard Ave. and the Canard River with the other being County Road 18 between Concession 6 South and County Road 5 (Meloche Road).

The exact nature of the project is a cold in-place recycling with expanded asphalt mix.

Other projects around the county covered by this tender include one on County Road 23, another on County Road 27 and two on County Road 46.

County Road 8 is one of the county road projects that had funds granted early by Essex County council.

County Road 8 is one of the county road projects that had funds granted early by Essex County council.

Bateman said he was not yet sure about start dates for the projects, but he believed it most likely will be in mid-May.  The projects will be done in a pair of phases, Bateman added.

“These roads after being recycled will be paved with new asphalt so there is a step two to the work that follows the recycling,” Bateman told the River Town Times last Thursday. “County Road 18 will receive paved shoulders during the second phase of work.”

The project is strictly the pavement recycling at this point with asphalt overlay to follow, Bateman also pointed out.

Bateman pointed out in his report to county council that the tender results “are aligned with the engineer’s estimate.” The original estimate for the projects were $2.5 million.

Essex County council approves $2.2 million tender for new west end depot


By Ron Giofu


Essex County council is moving ahead with a new highway maintenance depot in Amherstburg.

The depot, commonly referred to at the county level as the “west end depot,” is going on a piece of land that the county purchased from Walker Aggregates during the last term of county council. The site is located on North Side Road, just east of Howard Ave.

The tender was awarded to Bear Construction and Engineering Inc. for an amount of $2.18 million plus HST.

This vacant piece of land on North Side Road, just east of Howard Ave., will be the site of Essex County's new west end depot. County council approved the tender for the main building July 20.

This vacant piece of land on North Side Road, just east of Howard Ave., will be the site of Essex County’s new west end depot. County council approved the tender for the main building July 20.

Director of transportation services/county engineer Tom Bateman said the first phase of the project was the intersection improvements at Howard Ave (County Road 9) and North Side Road. Those improvements, which included the installation of traffic lights and turn lanes, were completed in 2015.

Construction is expected to start soon on the main building.

“We’re anticipating substantial completion in mid-December,” Bateman told county council during Wednesday night’s meeting.

Final asphalt paving would be done in the spring of 2017. Proposals for the support buildings including the salt dome will be called in early 2017, Bateman added.

The current west end yard is located just south of McGregor, near the intersection of Walker Road and County Road 12. It is just inside the municipal boundaries of the town of Essex.