New roof coming to town hall



By Ron Giofu


A portion of the roof at town hall will soon be replaced.

Town council authorized administration to proceed with repairs to the area of roof that covers the lobby, the administrative areas and council chambers. Buckets are regularly in the lobby of town hall collecting moisture dripping from the roof with a smell now noticeable as well.

The cost will be in the area of $72,744 and be a capital over-expenditure funded from current taxation.

According to a report from Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) John Miceli, the roof of town hall began to experience “areas of failure” as far back as 2014. Temporary repairs, which totalled approximately $7,000, were made at that time to extend the life of the roof. The roof began to experience several leaks this past summer and mitigating measures to extend the useful life of the roof were unsuccessful, Miceli reported.

The CAO stated in his report that Empire Roofing Corporation was engaged to perform a detailed inspection of the roof to determine whether the roof should be repaired or replaced.

Town council has authorized over $72,000 in repairs to a portion of roof at town hall.

The area that is being replaced, referred to in Miceli’s report as “Area A,” will see the roof receive a new vapour barrier, rigid insulation and a reinforced TPO membrane that will enhance thermal protection and extend the roof protection for 20 years with warranty.

“The roofing membrane in Area A has severe signs of aging and the roof membrane is separating at the seams allowing moisture to enter into the roofing system and into the building,” Miceli’s report states. “In addition, there are areas throughout Area A of the roof that have significant standing water.”

The present condition of the roof has resulted in health and safety concerns for staff, visitors and public surrounding the lobby, public washrooms, hallways and council chambers, Miceli wrote in his report, which also acknowledged the “nuisance smell in the lobby that has become problematic for staff having to work in or pass through the area and the areas adjacent to the lobby.”

Replacing the roof was the option the option council chose, though a repair option valued at approximately $12,000 excluding HST was presented. However, that option, according to Miceli’s report, did not address the thermal considerations, may not significantly extend the useful life of the roof and was not warrantied. The repair option would have fixed seams that were undone and areas where the roof had blistered.

“The roof replacement would be warrantied and create a water tight solution for the main area of the facility and will extend the useful life over the main area of town hall for approximately 20 years,” Miceli noted.