Rick Caron

Current district governor encourages fellow Rotarians to “go bold”

By Jolene Perron


During their regular meeting, which is now at Shooter’s Roadhouse, the Amherstburg Rotary Club had a chance to meet their new district governor for the current year.

“I have found that Rick is a person of action,” explained assistant governor Peggy Little. “You’ll find, as I have found, Rick’s commitment to Rotary, but I think what really shows through is Rick’s passion. His passion for Rotary, his passion for his work, his passion for helping people and his passion for the district and coming around and talking with everybody.”

Members of the Rotary Club of Amherstburg gather with their district governor Rick Caron for a group photo after last Wednesday night’s meeting at Shooter’s Roadhouse in Amherstburg.

Rick Caron explained his commitment to Rotary, and how everyone who knows him knows that he is a part of Rotary. He proudly wears his pins, displays his mugs with the Rotary logo, and much more. But for many years it wasn’t that way.

“I would hesitate wearing a Rotary shirt if it was not a Rotary function, I wouldn’t always have my membership pin on,” explained Caron. “But then I started to become committed to the ideals of Rotary and I thought, if I don’t tell people about Rotary, they don’t get to join. Why would I want to rob them of that opportunity of being a Rotarian?”

Caron posed the question “What is Rotary?” He explained, that’s a hard question to answer, and as the district governor, he should know, but because Rotary is so much in so many ways, it becomes difficult to pinpoint what Rotary is exactly.

“Is Rotary building the Miracle League Park? Is Rotary doing Ribfest? Is Rotary committing to your community, dedication and hours and service and money and fundraising, is that what Rotary is? Well yes, it is. Rotary builds communities, that’s part of what we do,” explained Caron. “But that’s not all of what we do, we do more than that.”

Rotary solves problems, Caron continued.

The Rotary Club of Amherstburg gave district governor Rick Caron a tin lantern from the Park House Museum during their meeting at Shooter’s Roadhouse Oct. 18. Making the presentation is Rotary Club of Amherstburg president Laura George.

“It is everyone in our local club, all of the clubs in the district, all of the districts in the zone and all the zones in the world working together, networking, and making the world a better place,” he said.

He added there are 1.2 million Rotarians and 35,000 clubs around the world.

“I say “Go Bold” and that means I want everyone here to do something a little bit more,” said Caron. “I learned this from my grandfather. You don’t have to be retired to die in place. Anyone at any age can stop living by not having any ambition. If you don’t want to be more than what you are you stagnate. That’s why you need to go beyond what you normally do. You need to give back and do something meaningful. You need to be a part of Rotary and you need to share that Rotary story with other people.”
For more information on the Rotary Club of Amherstburg call 519-982-2684 or e-mail rotary.amherstburg@gmail.com. People can also visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/amherstburgrotary.