pop-up shop

Local pop-up shop brings value to customers



By Christian Bouchard


Two local entrepreneurs are teaming up to turn their love for business into steady revenue.

Linden Crain, owner of Crainer’s Closet and Cam Snively, owner of Furnish Refurbish are two local entrepreneurs who ran a pop-up shop up Pittao’s Auto Care recently.

Crain and Snively displayed their furniture and vintage clothing throughout the one-day event. Crain sold vintage clothing, ranging from snapback hats, name brand hoodies and shoes while Linden was also displaying his furniture, ranging from tables and chairs to couches.

According to Snively, the two put on the event to see how much revenue they could generate from last minute notice and last-minute advertising.

“It was more of a test today, but we’ve had a pretty good turnout already,” said Snively. “The revenue will be put back into the business, so we can keep growing.”

inden Crain (left) and Cam Snively (right) pose with a closet full of shoes at their local pop-up shop.

Crain and Snively both attend the University of Windsor where they study business. They credit their love for business to a mentorship program they took back when they were students at General Amherst.

“We were both in a program called YouThrive,” said Crain. “They teach students how to become an entrepreneur and start their own business. Cam won the competition and from there he’s built his business and striving to continue that.”

The two entrepreneurs have each experienced roadblock along their way to financial success, however, they view them as learning opportunities to work together to grow their businesses

“Having a part-time job and going to school at the University while maintaining a social life has been the biggest struggle for me,” added Snively. “Carving time out of the day to dedicate to my business was tough but working with Linden, we can motivate each other and reach our goals.”

For Crain, promoting his business was his biggest challenge. He has utilized social media to his advantage and said he is working on a website to put their furniture and clothes online, so it can be accessed worldwide.

While final numbers are not yet available, the two entrepreneurs are happy with the turnout they received and excited for the future of their businesses.