Public Alternative Secondary School students tour local historic sites



By Ron Giofu


Students from Public Alternative Secondary School (PASS) students from Amherstburg, Windsor and Leamington got a chance to experience local history.

As part of the schools’ “History in our Backyard” program, about 40 students from the three PASS sites toured Fort Malden National Historic Site and the Amherstburg Freedom Museum.

Caitlyn McClure and Katie Davidson tour Public Alternative Secondary School (PASS) students through Fort Malden National Historic Site of Canada.

“It’s an experiential learning program. You learn through experience,” explained Darina Sleziak, a department head with the PASS site that is located within General Amherst High School. “We’re getting private tours. We’re learning the history of the Fort and the history of the town. We’re learning about the Underground Railroad.”

Sleziak said students are also obtaining course credits for participating in the day. They hope to have a series of similar events and include Windsor and Leamington sites.

“When you group them together, it’s a special program we’re doing this year,” she added. “We’re growing the program for this year and for down the road.”

Will Sampogna, a PASS student from Amherstburg, said he was “a little nervous and excited” to participate in the program. He said he was eager to learn about history and what has happened in his hometown “before we used to live here.” He said he knew about the historic sites, but hadn’t previously visited them.

“It’s always something that’s been in my hometown but never actually visited them,” said Sampogna. “I think this will spark my interest to visit some of the other sites.”