New church opening its doors in Amherstburg



By Ron Giofu


A new church is slowly but surely being created in Amherstburg.

Pastor Tim Charter and his wife Marta are launching The River church, with it currently being based out of their Front Road North home. The couple hosts Bible study every Wednesday night with three couples usually turning out, though more are welcome.

They hope to offer service by September at the latest.

The Charters are originally from Mississauga but lived in Amherstburg from 2005-11. A family situation saw them move to the Toronto-area for several years until they returned in Sept. 2017.

“We fell in love with Amherstburg. It’s just a cool place,” commented Tim.

The Charters wanted to come back to be closer to their children and grandchildren as well as to start a new church.

“We wanted to come back with a purpose,” Tim said. “We believe very strongly in the word of the Lord.”

Tim is ordained and has a Master’s Degree in theological studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in religious education from the Ontario Bible College. His 15 years as a pastor has seen him work in churches in Kingsville, Comber and Mississauga. He added it is the second church they have started, noting they had “quite a bit of success with the first one.”

The Charters have connected with the Canadian National Baptist Conference to help get The River church launched. The name was chosen not only because of their home’s proximity to the Detroit River, but for the religious symbolism a river depicts.

“Our goal is to get people down the river more and more towards the ultimate goal, which is to be like Christ,” he said.

Tim and Marta Charter have started a new church, known as “The River.” It is currently operating out of their Front Road North home.

There are phases to becoming a church. Currently, they are classified as a “seed,” then they would become a “church plant” before actually being designated a church. They do not have a physical building as of yet and hope to hold services out of their home for the time being.

“We’re resisting renting space,” Tim said, adding they don’t want to ask for money unless they have to.

That said, they now can accept donations if a person chooses to give one.

“I’m really happy to say we have charitable status,” he said. “We are able to accommodate donations and people are able to get a receipt, even though we’re a young church.”

The Charters believe there are many who may not go to church currently but would see The River as a church they can get behind and help build from the ground up. They encourage as many people as possible to join them and help build the church.

“We’ve noted people get excited when they are part of the process,” said Marta.

While acknowledging the churches in Amherstburg are doing good things, they believe there is room for another.

“Amherstburg, as a community, is very under-churched from an evangelical point-of-view,” said Tim. “We just feel Amherstburg could use something new.”

Tim and Marta both expressed their love of the community.

“We love the town,” he said. “We think Amherstburg is fantastic. I really think it’s an unknown little gem. We fell in love with it the first time we were here.”

To participate in their Bible study groups or to become involved with The River church, e-mail info@gototheriver.org or call 416-409-7583. People can also join their Bible study groups every Wednesday at 7 p.m. Their home is located at 1274 Front Road North.

Wildcats have great run at OFSAA despite not winning a medal



By RTT Staff


The St. Thomas of Villanova Wildcats didn’t win a medal at the OFSAA girls hockey championship, but their head coach still sounds pleased with the team.

The Wildcats went to the provincial championship in Mississauga last week. They won one game and lost two others in very close fashion.

“Great run but no medal,” said head coach John Purdie.

Villanova lost their first game at OFSAA to Medway, the eventual gold medal team, by a score of 1-0.

“They scored with four seconds left in the game,” said Purdie.

Game #2 saw the Wildcats defeat Napanee by a score of 3-1.  The Wildcats’ goal scorers were Brooke Gibson, Allison Langille and Avery Mertz.

The St. Thomas of Villanova Wildcats competed at OFSAA last week. The team advanced to the provincial tournament thanks to winning SWOSSAA (pictured here).

The St. Thomas of Villanova Wildcats competed at OFSAA last week. The team advanced to the provincial tournament thanks to winning SWOSSAA (pictured).

The third game was another heartbreaker for Villanova as the Wildcats lost 2-1 with the winning goal coming with 1:32 left in the game.

“It seems like we were snake bit,” said Purdie. “Mertz scored again. Our goaltending was phenomenal, (Erica) Fryer and (Kristen) Swiatoschik and Harrow’s Carli Dumeah really carried the team. We shut down on the back end and our captain’s leadership skills were the key to our whole run.”

The Wildcats advanced to OFSAA by winning SWOSSAA over Chatham-Kent 1-0 in quadruple overtime at the Libro Centre March 7.

Local boxers do well at Ontario Summer Games


By Ron Giofu


A trio of local boxers came home with medals after competing at the recent Ontario Summer Games (OSG).

Kaleob Drouillard and Jacob Robinson each captured gold medals in their respective age categories while Payton Holan brought home a silver medal. The OSG was held Aug. 11-14 in Mississauga.

The local boxers came from Amherstburg’s Fighting Island Boxing Club with owner/coach Joe LeBlanc stating there were 3,400 athletes overall. He compared it to a “mini-Olympics” complete with opening ceremonies where athletes coming in under the banners of the sport they were competing in.

“It was really cool,” said LeBlanc.

Robinson fought in the defending Ontario champion in his weight class, Louie Reyes out of Toronto, and came away with a split decision victory. It was a measure of revenge for Robinson, who lost to Reyes in the Ontario finals.

“It was definitely redemption,” said Robinson. “I definitely didn’t want to leave it to another close decision. I wanted to make sure that I won and I did what I had to do.”

Kaleob Drouillard (left) and Jacob Robinson won gold medals at the recent Ontario Summer Games in Mississauga. Payton Holan (absent from picture) won a silver medal.

Kaleob Drouillard (left) and Jacob Robinson won gold medals at the recent Ontario Summer Games in Mississauga. Payton Holan (absent from picture) won a silver medal.

For Drouillard, it was his first tournament but he clearly got off to a good start. He defeated Unan Carcaro of Brampton by unanimous decision.

“At first, I was very nervous,” he said.

Once the fight started, he felt good and winning his age group gave him a boost of confidence going forward.

“It was my first tournament and I got my first gold medal,” said Drouillard. “I’ve got visions of getting more and more and to get better and better.”

Holan won his first fight against Brecken Lavallee from Sarnia but lost in the gold medal match against Christian Freitas of Toronto.

LeBlanc said many of the other clubs the Amherstburg Fighting Island Boxing Club was competing against have a lot more people to draw from, so he was pleased with how his fighters did.

“We continue to go to provincial competitions and come home with gold medals,” said LeBlanc. “We go to these places with millions of people to draw from. It speaks volumes of the kids in this community. It really does.”

Amherstburg’s St. Peter’s ACHS College School takes home silver after losing in double overtime



Special to the RTT


St. Peter’s ACHS College School was on a mission this past week playing in the All Saints Invitational Junior (Grades 4-6) Hockey Tournament out in Mississauga.

The two-day hockey tournament in Mississauga hosted twenty schools from all over the Dufferin, Peel and Caledon area. Being the only elementary school competing from the Greater Windsor-Essex region, the St. Peter’s ACHS College School Junior Hockey Team put itself under pressure to do well.

St. Peter's ACHS College School celebrate their silver medal at the All Saints Invitational Junior Hockey Tournament held in Mississauga last weekend.

St. Peter’s ACHS College School celebrate their silver medal at the All Saints Invitational Junior Hockey Tournament held in Mississauga last weekend.

Departing this past Tuesday after school, students were exhausted when they arrived at Mary Lake in King at around 11:30 p.m. The players knew that they would have to get up six hours later to battle for school supremacy against the other well rested junior hockey teams. However, at 6 a.m. Wednesday morning, St. Peter’s ACHS players roared to life eager to play in this great hockey tournament.

Being placed in “Tier One” after finishing fourth last year, St. Peter’s ACHS beat the host school (All Saints) by a score of 7-1. In the second game St. Peter’s ACHS College School had another decisive victory beating St. Simon Stock by a score of 6-2.

However, things were about to get very difficult for St. Peter’s hockey team. In the third game St. Peter’s ACHS scored first against St. Julia who responded back by tying the game in the second period. With less than two minutes left in the game St. Peter’s ACHS scored to go ahead two to one. Even with the goalie out and providing an extra attacker, St. Julia was unable to score again allowing St. Peter’s ACHS to advance into the semi finals the next day.

Thursday morning after a bit more rest, St. Peter’s ACHS College battled against St. Francis of Assisi winning 3-1. However, the prize game against last year’s Champions (St. Timothy) still lay still ahead.


The St. Peter’s team gets a between periods pep talk from head master Peter Thyrring.

The championship game was off to a rough start with St. Timothy’s scoring two goals within the first three minutes of the game. After settling down, St. Peter’s ACHS was finally able to score twice tying the game 2-2. A third goal early in the third period by St. Timothy’s forced St. Peter’s ACHS players to reach where they had never reached before. It took every bit of effort and strength to score again tying the game at 3-3. After a full over time period the score remained the same. Goalies from both schools were invincible. However, with just over a minute remaining in the second over time, St. Timothy passed from behind the net where the puck was deflected off a skate into the net. St. Peter’s ACHS lost 4-3.

St. Peter’s ACHS College School Scored 21 goals in five games and only gave up nine. The team consisted of players from house league through “AAA” and played spectacular. The players – Noah Duggan, T.J. and J.T. Langlois, Kaden Campbell, Devon Bastien, James O’Neill, Cameron Sinasac, Joseph Giordano, Beckham Sawchuk, Tyson Dorey and Jackson Cole – played great.

St. Peter’s ACHS College School thanks you for your effort and is proud of you. Job well done!