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Christ Church parishioner heading to Malawi, Africa



By Ron Giofu


A local resident is heading to Malawi, Africa next month as part of a delegation going on a food security mission trip.

Lillian Scorrar, a parishioner and a lay delegate with Christ Church Anglican, will be heading to the African nation Feb. 2-18.

“It’s a mission trip and it’s sponsored by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank,” said Scorrar. “I’m going as an Anglican representative.”

The trip is also being made possible by the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF).

Scorrar explained that she is working towards a doctorate of health sciences and has to do something of note globally, so this mission trip fits that requirement. As a member of the PWRDF, Scorrar adds she believes in what they do and wants to help out in another part of the world.

“It’s two-fold,” she said of her trip. “First, I’m passionate about helping others and, the other reason is I am going to use this to write my paper.”

The point of the Canadian Foodgrains Association is to help developing countries and Scorrar said that can include setting up wells and water resources, food security and assistance with maternal and children’s needs. According to background material provided by Scorrar, the bank provides food in times of crisis for hungry people in the developing world, helps people grow more food to better feed themselves and their families and provides nutritional support for malnourished people including pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and young children.

The Canadian Foodgrains Banks also advocates for public policies that enable families and communities to better feed themselves and looks for ways to engage and educate Canadians about global hunger. The PWRDF works in 28 countries with a variety of partners including Anglican dioceses, ecumenical and secular partners. Their work is primarily in the field of international development so that people around the world have better access to improved health, food, human rights and more.

Lillian Scorrar is heading to Malawi next month on a mission trip. She holds the flyer for this Saturday’s fundraiser at the Columbus Community Hall.

Scorrar said it is her first time going on a mission trip and she is “excited and nervous” about going. She has had to get several vaccinations in preparation for next month’s trip.

“I’ve done things locally but never abroad. It will be life-changing,” she said. “I’m very excited to experience it and see how developing countries live.”

The nervousness comes from travelling with people she doesn’t know, as she is part of about a dozen Canadians making the journey.

“We’re all pretty much from different religions but we’re all Christian-based,” said Scorrar. “We all came together to form this group.”

The only other Anglican going is a priest from New Brunswick, Scorrar added.

The trip costs $5,000 and Scorrar is fundraising to be able to afford it. The community at Christ Church has helped, as have family and friends with Scorrar now turning to the broader community to assist. There will be a fundraising dinner to be held at the Columbus Community Hall Jan. 20 from 6-8 p.m. Tickets are $25 for a half-chicken dinner and will be sold in advance only.

There will also be a silent auction and door prizes. There will also be a special door prize for people that bring canned goods the day of the dinner. All canned goods will be donated to local charities to fight hunger.

For tickets, call Scorrar at 519-551-7706, Cheryl Yako at 519-736-2281 or Cecile Browning at 519-996-9961. Donations can also be made through Christ Church.

Local teen to undertake missionary work internationally



By Ron Giofu


Ever since she was seven-years-old, Sophie Watson has wanted to perform missionary work.

Now 18-years-old, Watson will get an opportunity to do just that.

Watson will be headed on a five-month missionary trip later this year through the program Youth on a Mission (YWAM) with the first three months being training in New Zealand before they head out for a two-month humanitarian trip. The destination for the latter two months is not yet known as Watson won’t find out until she gets to New Zealand but she expects it to be somewhere in Asia.

“I’m very excited,” said Watson, who will be gone from July 18-Dec. 7. “I’m nervous but I’m also very excited. I’ve been looking forward to this and I want to go out and give it my best and help people.”

Noting she is a Christian, Watson said she wants to help people “as Jesus did.

“I’d like to go out and help people as best I can,” she continued.

Eighteen-year-old Sophie Watson is heading on a missions trip to New Zealand and another location to be determined, likely Asia, later this year. She is holding a fundraising pasta dinner at Royal Canadian Legion Br. 157 April 7.

Eighteen-year-old Sophie Watson is heading on a missions trip to New Zealand and another location to be determined, likely Asia, later this year. She is holding a fundraising pasta dinner at Royal Canadian Legion Br. 157 April 7.

Her uncle went to China on a humanitarian mission when she was young and that sparked her interest in doing it herself.

“I just had a dream,” she said. “It’s really very exciting for me.”

Watson estimated there will be about 20 people as part of the team and that they will be going as a team to whatever nation they are assigned to once they complete their training in New Zealand.

Watson has been raising money the last two summers through her jobs as well as speaking to groups, including a group of senators and MP’s that were colleagues of her father Jeff. She said she inherited her work ethic from her parents.

“I know the value of a dollar,” said Watson.

The trip will cost the 18-year-old Amherstburg resident approximately $15,000. Watson’s mother Sarah said a lot of that will be covered by Sophie’s savings, but there is a fundraising pasta dinner being held at Royal Canadian Legion Br. 157 April 7. They hope to raise an additional $7,500 with the hope the dinner can cover part of that.

Sarah said Sophie has had a generous side to her for her entire life, recalling a trip to McDonald’s when Sophie was young with Sophie reading a Ronald McDonald House flyer then emptying her coin purse to donate.

“She is both generous and others-minded,” added Jeff. “I routinely see her empty her wallet to help people and volunteer to help people in need without being asked. I have seen her literally give the coat off of her back to help people.”

The eldest Watson child plans on continuing helping people upon her return. She will apply to the paramedic program at St. Clair College in January and also hopes to perform humanitarian missions during disaster relief efforts overseas.

For more information on the April 7 pasta dinner, search “Sophie Watson Mission Fundraiser” on Facebook or e-mail sophiewatsonmissionfundraiser@gmail.com. Further information can also be obtained by calling 519-890-1444.

A bank account is in the process of being set up for those who want to make a donation to Watson’s mission trip. It will be at TD Canada Trust.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children 12 and under with a $30 rate for families. There is a gluten-free pasta option available as well. It is recommended that tickets be reserved in advance.