Madison Young

“Hyperrealism” by local youth artist on exhibit at the Gibson Gallery



By Ron Giofu


The work of Madison Young has made it to the Gibson Gallery.

The local teenager’s work is now on exhibit at the gallery, with previous displays of her work having been at G.L. Heritage Brewing Co. and the former Mudpuppy Gallery.

“This is my first exhibit at the Gibson Gallery. It’s really special to me,” said Young.

Young said she was pleased that, as a 16-year-old, she was able to get her own exhibit at the gallery.

“It’s a really great feeling as an artist,” she said. “Thank you to the Gibson Gallery for giving me this opportunity.”

Young, who just completed Grade 10 at St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School, is hopeful the more exposure she receives will allow her to continue to have exhibits at art galleries.

“To have this whole room to myself is really special,” she said.

There are both original works and prints as part of the current “Hyperrealism” exhibit. She uses mediums such as pencil, markers, pastels and has now added an oil painting to her growing collection.

“I’ve been selling a lot of them,” she said, but noted some of the works that are part of the exhibit are not for sale.

Local artist Madison Young is the current artist with an exhibit at The Gibson Gallery. Young’s “Hyperrealism” exhibit runs through July 29.

Young added she has been hearing a lot of good input on her art.

“The feedback has been super-positive,” said Young. “It’s been great.”

Noting she has been drawing since she was three or four, Young said she started getting into hyperrealism when she was 12-years-old.

“I drew a cupcake and that turned out well,” she said. “I decided to pursue it and now I’m here.”

Young defines hyperrealism as drawing something and having it really look the object she was drawing, including using the colours needed to make it look as real as possible.

Young will be one of the exhibitors during Art by the River, which is scheduled for Aug. 25-26 at Fort Malden National Historic Site of Canada.

The opening reception for “Hyperrealism” was last Saturday afternoon, but Young is also having a closing reception July 28 from 2-4 p.m. The exhibit runs through July 29.

“It’s been super fun already and I’m excited to meet as many people as I can,” she said.

For more information on Young and her work, visit

The Gibson Gallery is open daily from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. and is located at 140 Richmond St. For more information, visit or call 519-736-2826. Their Twitter account can be found at while their Facebook account is found at

Young artist shows and sells her work at G.L. Heritage Brewing Co.



By Ron Giofu


A young artist has been making the rounds showing her art and that included a stop at one of Amherstburg’s newest attractions.

Madison Young was showing and selling her drawings and paintings at G.L Heritage Brewing Co. over the weekend. The 15-year-old St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School student explained that she is getting out more and more with her art work.

“I’ve been participating in a lot of art shows lately,” Young stated. “It’s the first time at G.L. Heritage Brewing Co.”

Young said it was a positive experience as a number of people viewed her work, took business cards and bought pieces of art.

“I’d say it’s been going really well,” she commented on Saturday.

The local artist added she has stared a YouTube channel and has also branched out into other forms of social media. She has over 53,000 followers on Instagram.

Madison Young had her artwork at G.L. Heritage Brewing Co. the weekend of Aug. 19-20. The local 15-year-old will also be a part of Art by the River this weekend.

Madison Young had her artwork at G.L. Heritage Brewing Co. the weekend of Aug. 19-20. The local 15-year-old will also be a part of Art by the River this weekend.

Young will also be participating in Art by the River for the first time this weekend. She further explained she likes drawing a number of different subject matters.

The exhibition at G.L. Heritage Brewing Co. came after her parents visited the new craft distillery at 8728 Howard Ave. and approached the owners about possibly her having a show there after loving the atmosphere.

“We’re very happy to have local artists and to support friends and neighbours,” said co-owner Jenn Desjardins-Grondin.

Young added she is getting more and more people recognizing her and her work.

“It’s a great opportunity. I’m really thankful to G.L. Heritage Brewing Co. for offering me the space,” she added.

For more information on Young, visit For information on the craft brewery, visit

Mudpuppy’s featured artist for May is Grade 9 Villanova student


By Danica Skakavac

At only fifteen-years-old and in the ninth grade, Madison Young of St. Thomas of Villanova has made quite a name for herself.

While she has loved art since the age of four, Young has been interested in her current style, hyperrealism, for only one and a half years. Despite the short period of time, Young’s skill has only grown dramatically and her wonderful artwork is being showcased again and again. She has been featured in a couple of local magazines, attended a couple of charities where she donated original artwork for auction and, as well, was the Mudpuppy Gallery’s student artist.

This month, she became the gallery’s featured artist. Only recently has she been spotlighted in a much different way; when local musician Christian Vegh’s mother contacted Young’s mother, Sharon, about designing the cover art for his brand-new single, “Worthy.”

Madison Young, a Grade 9 student at St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School, is this month’s featured artist at the Mudpuppy Gallery in Amherstburg. (RTT Photo by Danica Skakavac)

Madison Young, a Grade 9 student at St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School, is this month’s featured artist at the Mudpuppy Gallery in Amherstburg. (RTT Photo by Danica Skakavac)

Young jumped at the opportunity and designed a stunning cover, the picture a very realistic pair of diamond-encrusted lips.

“It was an exciting opportunity and I’m very fortunate they asked me,” Young said.

Young isn’t planning on letting her talent go to waste either, as she has opened an online store so people can purchase prints and paintings they like. In the future, she wants to attend medical school to become a surgeon (though unsure of what specialty in particular) but is adamant about continuing her artwork, just maybe not full-time. She is very proud of the textures she incorporates into said artwork, since she is able to render those textures with only coloured pencils.

“My favourite thing about creating art is a sense of accomplishment,” she said. “It is exciting when people want to purchase my artwork to hang in their homes or businesses.”

If you are interested, you can visit Young’s website at Young’s exhibit at the Mudpuppy Gallery will be running through the month of May.

Pair of local artists on exhibit at Mudpuppy Gallery



By Ron Giofu


A pair of local artists are now featured at the Mudpuppy Gallery.

Brianne MacLaren-Ross is the month’s featured artist with her exhibit “Boblo Now” showing the island in its present state through landscape and nature photography. Not only is the work on photo paper, but on aluminum, acrylic, and canvas.

“For the past five years, I’ve been taking pictures and I’ve started a collection,” said MacLaren-Ross. “I was trying to feature Boblo on what it looks like today.”

Brianne MacLaren-Ross is the featured artist this month at  the Mudpuppy Gallery.

Brianne MacLaren-Ross is the featured artist this month at
the Mudpuppy Gallery.

MacLaren-Ross lives on the island with husband Norm Ross and has many photos from different seasons and times of day with buildings, birds and much more featured. She said she has been exposed to photography thanks to her father Brad, an owner of a photo lab in Windsor.

“I got my education from my dad,” she said. “My dad was my influence.”

The English teacher said she is pursuing a Ph.D. in visual literacy and the photos could be used in that line of work as well.

“I enjoy taking pictures. It’s kind of my hobby,” said MacLaren-Ross.

MacLaren-Ross said she enjoys the Mudpuppy Gallery because it is local. This is her first official exhibit but she stated she has had some informal showings in Windsor before this.

Her husband said the Boblo community has supported the exhibit and that having it local is “one more thing that adds to the texture of Amherstburg.”

Fourteen-year-old Madison Young also has work of her own featured this month at the Mudpuppy Gallery as she is November’s “emerging artist.” Her detailed drawings have been gaining notice.

“I’ve been taking my art more seriously and drawing a lot more realistic stuff,” she said.

Madison Young is the Mudpuppy Gallery's "emerging artist" during November.

Madison Young is the Mudpuppy Gallery’s “emerging artist” during November.

Young, a Grade 9 student at St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School, said she enjoys drawing things that are very detailed and realistic, such as people and animals.

“I’m taking a lot more time with my work and producing a lot more quality drawings,” said Young.

Both Young and MacLaren-Ross said they got started in their respective mediums since they were four-years-old.

“I’m self-taught,” said Young. “I’ve been practicing for a long time.”

Young said she tries to draw at least 10-15 hours per week. She hopes to be a surgeon when she gets older but also wants her drawings to inspire people.

“It’s pretty exciting,” she said of her first exhibit.

The Mudpuppy Gallery is located at 264 Dalhousie St.