Kelly Beauchamp

Local youth heading to Disney World thanks to Make-A-Wish Foundation



By Ron Giofu


Emily Beauchamp is heading on the trip of a lifetime.

The 13-year-old local youth is heading to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida with her parents Kelly and Janice as well as cousin Carlie Poulin Feb. 18-25. The trip is made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“She’s always wanted to go,” explained Janice.

Emily, who has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, will be staying with her family at Give Kids the World village near Disney World. Janice said it’s a place geared towards Make-A-Wish children.

They will also be getting Disney World passes and spending money.

Janice said that one of Emily’s friends went to Disney World through the Make-A-Wish Foundation and he wished that Emily could go too. Once the paperwork was properly filed, the wish was granted and the Beauchamp family found out last June.

The family will be picked up by limousine at their Amherstburg home and chauffeured all the way to Hamilton where they will take a West Jet flight to Orlando. They will get the same treatment coming home.

“I’m excited,” said Emily.

A celebration was held Sunday at the Columbus Community Hall as 13-year-old Emily Beauchamp and her family are headed to Disney World through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. From left: Janice Beauchamp, wish granter Yvonne Scott, Emily Beauchamp, wish granter Sarah Scott, Kelly Beauchamp and Carlie Poulin.

Some of the places that Emily said she is looking forward to visiting are the Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios and the Crayola Experience. She also received some gifts during a Sunday afternoon celebration including a new camera, Make-A-Wish t-shirts and craft items. Emily is known for enjoying crafts and made some display boards that were up at the Columbus Community Hall for the celebration.

Wish granters Yvonne and Sarah Scott from the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Windsor office said every wish is different depending on the wishes of the child and the donations they receive. Sarah explained that Emily was quiet when they first met her but has since been coming out of her shell.

“She opened up to us pretty quickly,” said Yvonne.

The wishes can vary from trips to home and yard renovations, the Scotts said, noting that some children get new play areas in their yards.

“We just like to do it and it brings happiness to kids who have gone through tough times and sadness,” said Yvonne.

Emily has undergone four surgeries, 18 MRI’s, 20 X-rays and 18 ultrasounds in her life. Janice said that Emily is becoming more and more open about what she is going through.

The Columbus Community Hall donated the room and the food with Gary Paquette volunteering his time to cook, added Janice.